Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hogtied caught and tickled in my own house.

Hogtied caught and tickled in my own house.

I love to tie myself up from time to time when I get the chance, wife at work, son at school, so with it being summer vacation it didn’t happen at all. I was hoping that one day this week that would finally change. Trish my wife’s best friend was going to be in town in August for a few days so Kelly and I took a couple of extra days off and my in laws offered to take our son for that time because they were going up to their friends lake house so he told them the lake would be fun way to spend some time.

My wife’s friend Trish and I have been messaging each other off and on talking about high heels and feet for about almost a year now. I’ve told her about my love of high heels and she was even nice enough to email me a few pictures of hers with her molding some shoes. Nothing has ever been said to either of our spouses or anyone else it’s just been our little secret. The last time she was in town we didn’t really get a chance to talk about our liking of heels at all so hopefully i would have a little more luck this time.

It was Friday and I had the day off by myself until my wife got home which would be around 5:30. I had my car at the garage getting fixed so I thought to myself I finally have a day to have a little fun tied up and I have a good six hours until Kelly gets home.
I have a thing for nylons and high heels and I like them so much I have a few pair of my own. I’m lucky enough that my wife knows I have them and won’t mind teasing me while I’m tied up for her and wearing them. My other thing is I loved being tied up, so much so that I often do it myself because my wife just doesn’t want to play that way every time.

I have gotten on a kick of videotaping myself bondage sessions with multiple cameras and make a video of the whole thing. When I’m tied up I put on a video I’ve made with pictures I’ve faked in Photoshop of people I know tied up in all  sorts of bondage poses wearing of course nylons and  high heels I even mix in a few of myself tied up of some of the many pictures of my own feet in high heels. I have also mixed in some video clips of me tied up and tickled by my wife when I hid a video camera and she didn’t know it. Some of those clips are the best because she was just being herself not concerned about being videotaped. More than once in the collection of videos she is giving me a blow job while tickling both of my tied up, nylon wearing feet at the same time. Nothing like being tickled with no way to get loose and given an awesome blowjob by your wife who will lick up every drop.

I start to get ready by getting dressed up in some nylons and put on my 4 inch red high heels. I grab up and set all of the cameras in place and turn on every light in the room to add enough light to my video before I go back to the bedroom and gather all of my ropes and things. I start by wrapping ace bandage around each of my ankles because I have found some Velcro straps that will hold 500 pounds when totally wrapped but the Velcro is a little rough on my skin and tends to leave marks. With me going out with everyone I didn’t want to answer any questions why I have marks on my wrists and ankles. The great thing about the straps is that they have a loop and metal ring built right in so they make the perfect bondage item. I put them on each ankle and each wrist. The Velcro if tight enough that I need my whole hand to pull them loose not just my fingers so they work really well.

I’m now dressed and almost ready to go. I really like being gagged and I know it not the safest while doing self bondage but I have loved it a ton. It just makes the whole experience so much more intense knowing I have no way to yell for help if I can’t get free. My favorite way is to use duct tape around my whole head. The way I found it to work best is if I pull a nylon over my head first and then duct tape around my mouth and I even wrap it under my chin and over the top of my head. The way it makes me feel is priceless, I’m mute until I can get the tape off so now I’m ready to have some fun.

I am so hard it’s awesome, but before I tie myself up I like to look at some videos on the computer and bring myself right up to the edge of cumming. I got a little carried away when I was duct taping my mouth and realize that I may be gagged a little too tight, I use my finger to give myself a little more air and now I’m going to get tied up. I go into the bedroom and grab everything I’ll need to be tied up, rope, handcuffs and a pair of my wife’s shoes.

One of my favorite things to do when my wife gets home after working all day her feet are a little warm from wearing nylons and shoes all day. Whenever I get the chance I will grab my wife’s foot, pull off her shoe and give her a foot rub. She will usually complain that her feet might stink but I told her that they smell fine so she just sits backs and relaxes and enjoys toe massage. I just love that smell, I love it so much that right before I finish tying myself I actually tape one of her shoes over my nose. The tape holds so good I can never get it off until I’m free.

I walk over and turn on the TV, plug in my USB drive with some pictures on it and got it started; I just love watching the pictures, awesome. I put the key to my handcuffs on the other side of the room about 16 feet away from where I will tie myself so I have to wiggle and squirm my way over them to get free.
I next work my way around the room and turn on all of the cameras and make sure they’re working. I sit down over by where I have placed the ropes and handcuffs and begin to tie myself. The sensation is always incredible, I have to be very careful not to get too caught up watching the pictures because more than once I have came before I was tied up and if that happens you just end up putting all of your toys away. One of the other side effects is when you cum while tied up your orgasm is super intense, the most powerful I have but still after I’m done shooting my load I’m ready to get loose. Sometime that’s very frustrating trying to get loose with all of your might but not being able to until you just calm down.

My favorite way to tie myself lately is a crossed ankle hogtie. I can get it very tight because I use the handcuffs to complete the bondage by using them to cuff the rings around my wrists to my ankles. I start by tying each ankle to the opposite knee and tighten it so that there is not any slack. Next I grab a rope and loop it over and around my ankles and in between so that I can hardly move my legs at all. I love how tight my legs are and knowing that it’s going to take a lot of effort on my part to get to the key. I’m almost done now so have to kneel because it much easier to finish up that way. I have a wide thick belt that I tied into a knot so that it will not come undone and put both of my arms through it behind my back. It takes a little work but I can get it right above my elbows. It’s not super tight or I couldn’t get it up so high but it really makes it a tight tie. I’m now just about done, I lock on end of the handcuffs to the ring I looped my ankle rope through and click it shut, the sound of the cuffs clicking shut is music to my ears.

I’m starting to breathe a little hard because of the gag so I have to really slow down and take it easy. I take the open handcuff and loop it through the ring on my left wrist and reach around and stroke my cock a few more time to really bring it to attention. I don’t want to carry on too long so before I can change my mind so I slid down onto my stomach, which takes a little effort with how tight my legs are tied and only using one hand, I reach back with my right hand and struggle to finally get my right hand in the handcuff and lock It tight.

Done!! I’m in heaven. I’m totally enjoying myself just laying a little bit and watching the videos. If I try to get the keys too soon I will cum in no time  and with how hard I am right now and nothing sucks more then cumming too soon. I laid there for around 5 minutes just to gain my composure. The funny thing about being tied up this way it seems every one of my senses is almost twice as strong. I hear more; smell more, I notice every little thing that otherwise I don’t.

I’m now on the move to get the keys when I realized I really got too carried away. I am tied so tight I am only moving about an inch every 5 minutes. With not being able to kick my legs at all I can’t get much leverage to scoot forward. I’m becoming so exhausted because of how hard it is I have to take little breaks to catch my breath.

Nothing makes self bondage better than thinking you’re not getting out and are going to get caught. You think about that happening and it’s great in your fantasy but I think my wife would flip if she came home and caught me this way. I had to keep moving because I want to get loose. Most of the time I end up humping the floor to get myself off but because of my over tight hogtie it’s just not working today.

I’m trying to get to the keys when all of a sudden I hear a loud BANG out by the front door, the mailman I thought to myself but at that point it too late my heart was now going 100 miles per hour. A surprise really get the adrenalin going and in turn makes me even harder and the whole thing much more fun, I’m taking another break when this time my phone rings. I have no way to even know who’s calling so I just wait until it stops and I start moving again but my phone starts again. I love when people call two times in a row just because that can’t wait for you to call them back. I’m still about 6 feet from the key when I hear a car pull into the driveway. Sometimes that happens when people need to turn around but this time I can hear the car shut off and the door open. I’m lying there not moving a muscle trying to hear what’s going on outside and one thing I know for sure is that someone in high heels walking up my driveway! No way, Kelly is going to kill me when she sees me like this I was thinking to myself when instead of the side door opening there was a knock instead. It can’t be Kelly it’s only 11:30 she’ll still be at work and won’t be home until after 5:30.

This is really messed up, I know it’s not Kelly; she has a key and wouldn’t knock. I’m freaking out and panic is starting to set in when I hear a key being put into the door. I’m breathing so hard the best I can through the duck tape I think I might hyperventilate! Whose here I’m thinking to myself as I hear the click clack of high heels on our hardwood floor?

“Hello, anybody home” I heard a voice call out, and not just any voice it was Trish. I’m in a total panic mode but the only problem is there is not anything I can do about it! I’m totally stuck and helpless, how in the hell did she get a key? I’m in some deep shit now! I hear her walking through the kitchen saying hello again and asking is anybody home. I’m now just put my head down hoping it’s all just a dream and that I will be alone any second but that wasn’t my case.

“AAhh!!! What? Oh my god!! What the heck happened? Are you OK” she asked and she stood there for a moment and I just didn’t even look up. I can feel myself turning red from the embarrassment of being seen “I think you might of did this yourself, did you?” she asked while she stepped closer to me and bent over to make me look at her. “I knew you were kinky!!  I knew it when you couldn’t stop asking me to post some more shoe pictures so the fact that you actually have your own high heels isn’t a totally shock, but finding you tied up on your front room floor was not even on my radar.” Trish said as she began to monolog and look around the room. “Look at the pictures on the TV, I guess you are good at Photoshop I can’t even tell they’re fake. And I know they’re fake I have never been photographed while tied up” she said standing back up and now tapping her foot and saying “what to do? What to do? Kelly did tell me she wouldn’t be home until after 5 and it’s only noon, so I guess you might be tied up for a little longer than you thought”

“You know looking around here this isn’t the first time you did this is it? It’s all way too planned out, the cameras, lights, your outfit, you thought you had until 5 but little did you know Kelly told me I could come over early because I was already in the area. Why drive downtown for a few hours when the rest of my family was out on a boat tour of the river. Kelly told me to ‘Stop by and surprise my husband’, there is a key hidden in one of those fake rock by the garbage cans in back of the house he’s more than likely just playing some video games’ ” You’re playing some games alright but I bet she has no idea what kind” Trish told me as she started to pace back in forth in front of me.

I became very aware of just how helpless I was and that’s when I looked up to see Trish watching me with her big brown eyes. “I know you did this to yourself and Kelly is none the wiser. I guess you’re going to get a little more than you bargained for” and that’s when she bent over and picked up the keys and put them in her bra and said “you won’t need these for awhile” and that’s when she looked back at the TV.

 I had the pictures and video going and she was mesmerized. I could tell that the pictures were very interesting too her and that’s when one of the video clips started. It was a clip where I had myself tied sitting on two chairs wearing nylons and my high heels legs pulled up to about chest high but tied off to the ceiling, and to each front legs of a chair. My hands were pulled up and outwards using some ratchet pulleys and I was blindfolded. The night it happened was awesome, I love having my feet tickled while my wife gives me a blow job and this night was great because she was tickling both feet until I finally came. It was mean but pleasurable at the same time. With no way to stop her she just keep going and going and I could hardly breathe but my orgasm was super intense. After I came she sucked up every drop and just kept me on edge by lightly stroking my whole body for another five minutes which drove me insane, it was great.

Trish was still staring at the TV when she said “I knew you would be home by yourself so I put on a nice tight and short dress for you. I even wore my Mother’s day shoes, I know they must be your favorite you tagged them with smiley faces three times already. How do they look in person? Do you like them?” She asked knowing that I couldn’t say anything because of my gag so I tried to just nod my head and she laughed at my attempt.  I’m so horny and confused at the same time, trapped in my own house and hogtied with no way out until Trish decides to let me loose.

“I think I need to capture this moment with my camera. I never want to forget the first time I saw your in heels” she said as she turned around and walked to get her purse and boy was watching her walk in those heels a treat. “I promise I will never show or tell anyone about this just like how I kept our little shoe talks to myself. I just might want to look back and see how cute you looked all tied up.” She began to snap some pictures but I kept looking away and that’s when she said she would pop her foot out of her shoe if I would just look her way. She knew I would love that because I’ve mentioned more than once that would be a great picture to see. “And guess what else? I’m even wearing nylons. Once I knew that you would be home alone I thought I could put on a little shoe show for you, I have about six more pairs of heels in the car. I will say the nylons are kind of nice, I like how they make my legs feel, I was never a big fan of them before but I really like them” Trish said as I slowly look her way at an awesome sight of her playing with her shoes. She was pulling her foot in and out of her left shoe as she smiled and took a few pictures. I was becoming a little more relaxed about being caught but still unsure where this is all going.

“I think I need to get a better feel of the situation, just to make sure I understand everything going on here” Trish said as she walked a few steps and knelt down next to me with her feet just inches from my face and began to pull some of the ropes tighter. “I can’t have you getting loose until I’m ready. I hope you don’t mind? Here you can look at these while I’m working on you and that’s when she took of her right foot and slid her foot about an inch from my face. “Oh, I hope that doesn’t bother you does it?” she giggled knowing full well how much I did as she started tighten my ropes.

“I guess since you’re a little too gagged to say anything I guess I’ll have to imagine what you’re thinking. My first thought is that you’re wondering what kind of mess you got yourself into” Trish said as I could tell she is really enjoying herself now sitting next to me instead of kneeling placing both of her feet right in front of my face ankles crossed. “My second guess is I hope this can be our little secret also, yes it will be for sure because I think I may have a hard time explaining what I’m going to do to you too someone else.”

What is she talking about I thought to myself ‘do to me’ I have no idea what she has on her mind but now I’m getting a little concerned. The scary thing is that she wasn’t extremely shocked at finding me so I think she might be a little kinkier than I thought, but having her nylon wearing high heel covered feet right in front of my face is making me think she can do to me whatever she wants!!! As hard as I try everything that has just happened has made me hard as a rock and I’m hoping to get it under control before Trish notices.

“Now that I know you’re not getting loose I guess I should go out to the car and bring in a few things” Trish said as touched my face with her right shoe before she stood up. She waited for a second to make sure I was watching before she started to walk away. I’m so excited, the sound of her heels on the hardwood floor is awesome. “I think you’re going to like my little bag of tricks” she says to me as she stares at me tied up with no way out. I’m trying to get loose but there is now way in hell I’m getting out of this on my own. With how well I’d tied myself and with Trish tightening everything a little more I was totally stuck. I just laid there rock hard with being caught and not knowing what’s next I was geeked.

Unbelievable was the only word I could use in my head as I heard the side door open again and her Trish call out to me “You’re still waiting for me right? I don’t think you’re getting loose by yourself today” she said in a taunting voice. “I know how you always want me to take pictures so I brought my camera in. I’m going to get some really good pictures today I can just feel it” Trish said as she started to take some more pictures of me as I turned my head not wanting to be photographed. I was hoping that she would just give up trying to get my face and that’s when she walked over to me, and sat right on top of my lower back. I’m shocked with my hands tied they are right up against her pussy. I started to wiggle my fingers and rub her through her nylons and she just started to giggle “I’m glad to see you can still use those fingers but I just sitting here for now so we can take a self portrait” Trish said as she leaned down so we are check to check, held out her hand with the camera and took a few pictures of us. As she was lying on my back she began to lightly tickle my sides with her right hand. I tried not to laugh or make it seem like it bothered me but she knew better from seeing my video that I was indeed ticklish. She kept wiggling and poking with her right hand until she stopped with the pictures and stopped tickling me and just sat there for a second. “I know you really enjoying yourself but I think when I get you with both hands you will really hope for some relief” Trish said as she began to tickle both of my sides at once and it was horrible.

I was starting to have a hard time breathing because of the tickling and being gagged so tight Trish knew this because she started to give me a break “I can’t have you passing out on me from you not being able to breathe. Here I bet this will help you” as she was saying that I can tell she is moving around quite a bit and then I see her hand reaching around my head with one of her shoes in her hand. Before I knew it she was pressing it up against my face covering my nose and duct taped mouth “I bet this will help your breathing, I bet you love the smell of my shoe don’t you? I’ve done a little research, you know how I love the Internet and found out that a lot of people who have shoe fetishes also love how they smell, I think that might be you” she told me as I pretended to try to get away but was loving the smell. “Breath it all in, they are a little warm from having my feet in there and wearing nylons for the last two hours walking around the mall but I bet you’re really getting turned on, I think I’m going to have to roll you over and see for myself” Trish says to me in a mocking tone as she set her shoe down next to my head.
I am rock hard; the smell is awesome and is going right to my cock. I know Trish and I have been having fun talking to each other but now she’s going to see my cock in all of its glory. I’m sooo close to cumming I hope that when she rolls me on to my side I don’t just shoot my load. “Are you ready? I’m going to need your help to roll you over because I really want to leave you hogtied on your back because that will really give me access to your fun parts” Trish said to me as she stands up and starts to pull on my left shoulder and begins to roll me over. I am trying to help her but with how tight I’m tied I’m not much use. When she gets me onto my back with my ankles crossed and my hands still tied I’m now super pinned by my own weight and I noticed that I am so trapped I screwed.

“Oh my god!!!! I can’t believe how hard you are, did I help get you that way?” Trish asked knowing that I still couldn’t talk and was trying hard not to cum. “You know today might be your lucky day, I have never given anyone a footjob before but I think that’s going to change today, I think you are in the perfect position for that don’t you think? Ugh I’m sorry I keep asking you questions and I know you can’t reply I guess I’ll have to go with my gut feeling on this one” Trish says as she begins to rub her nylon covered foot up and down my chest getting really close to my crotch but far enough away to be a huge teaser. “I’m not sure how long you’ll last like this, I think you’re really close to cumming. I’m not ready to be done teasing you so I’ll make you a deal. If you can keep yourself from cumming for the next thirty minutes I’ll let you tie me up also as long as you’re wearing your nylons and high heels, is it a deal?” Trish asked and I nodded yes hoping I could last that long I thought I just had to.

I’m sweating and trying to calm down as I lay trapped on my back like a turtle, since I was in such a tight hogtie now that I’m on my back I am totally trapped by my own body. I can’t stretch or move my legs at all and my arms are useless. I’m looking around and watch as Trish stands and walks back into the kitchen and return with a chair. The chair is set about a foot away from my head and then she heads back into the other room and returns with her bag, “I know how you love my shoes so I thought I’d give you the chance to choose what pair I wear next” Trish says as she reaches into her bag and pulls out a red platform pump with about a six heel and a leopard print strappy pump with about a five inch heel and a closed toe. “Which one do you want to see me put on? If I think you’re OK I have a few other pairs in my bag to show you, nod to the ones you want to see on me” she said while she held up one shoe in each hand.

I motioned over to the red heel so she laid that one on my chest as she dug it’s other half of the pair out of her bag. “I’ve never changed shoes over someone who loves them, I guess I should do it real slow” Trish said as she slowly pulls of her shoe from her foot and god do I love the sound a high heel makes when it’s being taken off, then places it right on top of my cock “Oh!! I’m sorry about that, I hope I didn’t hurt anything did I?” she says sarcastically all the while rubbing my cock ever so slightly as she starts to place her other foot right over and onto my face.

“Oh my god!!! There is no way I’m going to be able to hold off from blowing my load if Trish doesn’t stop this soon” I thought to myself and began to wonder if this isn’t something Trish also researched with all of her time on the internet. I’m in heaven right now and one thing I wished was that I wasn’t gagged so I could lick and kiss those toes. Trish was almost getting a little too aggressive with her foot on my face because at times I was having a hard time breathing. “I guess I’ll have to take a break from all this fun and put these awesome high heels on. I hope there not too cold because I’m going to rub them all over your cock as soon as I get them on and I don’t want anything making you soft” Trish said as began to put on her shoes.

I watch as Trish slides her red high heel onto her left foot and then places it right on my chest and begins to put on her right shoe. With both shoes on she now crosses her ankles right on top of me. “You know I bet I can even tickle you with my heels don’t you think? I know you want me to, I can tell by watching your videos” Trish said as she began to use both feet to poke and rub my ribs causing me to wiggle and try to get away but the only thing that really thing that happened was my cock continued to wave like a flag pole. She kept it up for a little longer before she gave a chance to catch my breath, “You know” Trish began to say, “I can tell you really love to be tickled, so much so that I bet if I tickled you enough you would cum for my in no time at all. I have an idea I’m going to take of your heels and tickle the shit out of your feet, what do think of that? The way you’re tied you can’t even get off of your back and I like the thought of you trapped as I have my fun with you. I know I promised you that you could tie me up if you could hold off from cumming. I know it won’t take you very long with me tickling you so I will still let you tie me up. It’s a win for both of us don’t you think?”

I’m just laying there with my head spinning from everything that has been going on for the last hour, now she’s going to finally let me have some relief and cum. I know it will only take a few seconds because of how close I am but I will try to make it last. I watch as Trish moves the chair she was just sitting on over to the side and opens up our Ottoman and pulls out a couple of blankets and lays them on the floor just past my tightly tied legs. The clicking of her heels and just watching her is awesome she circles around me before sitting at the end of me.

“After watching the video that’s been playing I think that you really must like your feet tickled because of the way you have your ankles tied up to the ceiling, your feet all alone just loving the treatment there getting from Kelly” Trish said as she started to rub my legs again but this time working her fingers from my dick all of the way down to the tops of my feet. She was tickling the tops of my toes and I did my best to pretend that it wasn’t happening hoping she would just forget about tickling my feet but I could tell she meant business. I tried and tried not to move or wiggle my feet but I tried to get them away from her and that’s when the real tickling began.

“I see you don’t like having the tops of your toes tickled, so I guess I have a little more sad news for you. I’m taking off your shoes now so I can have both of your very ticklish feet at my disposal” she told me as I felt her pulling on my right shoe and I could feel the cool air after she pulled it off and I could tell after being in the heels so long I think my feet might be even more ticklish than they normally are. She continued on to my left foot and removed that shoe also so now I’m so screwed, tied super tight, both feet shoeless and no way to stop her doing whatever she wants to me. I tried to remain calm but I wasn’t having much luck with that.

I could see Trish now sitting and staring at my dick and she looked like she was in a trance and began to tell me “You know what? I have a plan what I’m going to do to you. I’m going to tickled both of your feet at the same time I give you an awesome blowjob. I think you’re really going to have an unbelievable time, something you’ll never forget” I’m so ready to explode that I know it won’t take much to put me over the edge but I want this to last as long as possible. I’m sure this is going to be really intense but I’m so ready to cum already.

I’m waiting for her, stuck unable to move and that’s when she started to use both of her feet still in heels and began to rub and press on my dick. “With your love of shoes I bet this is mighty enjoyable I sure hope my heels aren’t too cold?  I guess I’ll take off my right shoe so I can have a little fun with my nylon covered foot” Trish told me as I watched reach down and slowly remove her right shoe; she knew I was watching and she made it a show all by itself. She used her fingers to slowly caress the top of her foot and her ankle and the pulling at it so lightly that it took forever for it to come off of her foot. The sound of a shoe being pulled of a foot while wearing nylons is something that just drives me crazy. It has that sound of a vacuum when it’s removed and the scent is so great especially when they have been worn all day, it just great. The smell alone will make me hard but at this point I don’t need any help with that.

Trish is now using both of her feet, she has my cock trapped in between the top of her foot still wearing the shoe and her other foot in only nylons. She was rubbing and pushing so much that I almost came, but she could tell between my tensing up and breathing , “whoa slow down, you don’t think I’m going to let you off that easy are you? I still need to tickle those feet” Trish said as she stopped everything and began to move the stool out of her way as she kneeled down next to feet and I was worried. I layed there trapped while she reached up and began to drag her nail all around my chest working her way down to my cock, not only were her nails tickling me her long hair also was helping her as it dragged across my belly and dick. I was laughing so much my eyes started to water from all of the laughter and I was so on edge that i was almost shaking with no control of my body. The only thing I could think to myself is just let me cum!!!

“I’m starting to think you’ve had enough teasing I guess I’ll get going to help you get off” Trish said as her mouth now went to work on my dick. She was taking the whole thing in her mouth and I could tell this is something she likes to do, she was working me good. I’m just about to come so I make sure to give her a little notice so she doesn’t end up gagging but instead she uses the information against me and moves her hands down to my feet and just goes to town on them with a full out tickling that had me bucking like a bronco and through all of it she just kept on sucking away until I had no more cum left to give.

Exhausted and still very hard I just laid there not moving a muscle so very happy about everything that just happened. Trish tickled me a little more and then she put her heels back on and said she’d be right back. It didn’t take long and she returned and started to tell me we have to hurry if I want to keep our little deal. “It’s already 12:30 so I want to be out and loose by 4:30 so I can have a little over a hour to get myself ready for the night. Remember you have to wear your nylons and heels the whole time I’m tied up that’s the deal right” Trish said to me as I nodded because I still had my mouth duct taped and couldn’t wait to repay the favor to her.

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Soon to come Part 2:
Trish tied and tickled while I’m wearing high heels

Antinette tickled on the inversion table

I have a story about a friend of my wife who’s feet I got to tickle while she was using my inversion table.

My wife Kelly and her friend Antinette were at Diner the other day when Antinette mentioned that her back and knees were still not feeling better no mater what she has tried, exercise, massage, her next option was something she saw on the home shopping network it was called an inversion table. “We bought one awhile ago, Casey used it all the time for about six months and it made him feel great, now he uses it about once every other week. Next time he has it out I will give you a call so you can come over and give it a try” Kelly told Antinette as they both continue to eat and drink. Antinette replied “I hope it’s soon I don’t know how much more pain I can take” as she took a big gulp of her drink.

The two carried on with diner and drinks and after drinking more then they should have they shared a few secrets with each other. “I can’t wait to get home” Kelly said “I’ve been in these heels all day and nothing feels better then getting home and having Casey wanting to pull off my shoes and rub my feet, he does such a good job all of my stress just flows away. The only bad thing is that sometimes he tickles me and nibbles on my toes not in a bad way.  Oh I shouldn’t of said that you won’t tell anyone will you?” Kelly asked but Antinette was way to interested in what she just heard.
“I can never get Lou to rub my feet, plus I’m so ticklish I don’t think I could stand it. It feels really good though? and did you say Casey bites your toes?” Antinette asked and wondered what it would be like to have her toes bitten. “I can’t believe I said that, he’s going to kill me if you ever say anything about it but I have to say it does feel awesome! Another nice side effect is that the smell of feet and leather alone will make him ready to go in a second! I’ve came home one time to see him though the back window having my shoe pressed up against his nose just loving the smell. I went back to the front door and made sure to take a little extra time getting in the house so he could have a chance to put them down.” Kelly said turning a little red from embarrassment of saying something she shouldn’t have. “Is that why he always wanted every girl to wear nylons and high heels? I remember ever time all of us were going out somewhere he would always tell all of the girls ‘don’t forget the skirt and high heels’ He has a thing for feet and nylons doesn’t he?” Antinette asked and Kelly knew that an answer had to be given.
“Your telling me that Lou doesn’t have a fetish of any kind” Kelly asked trying to avoid answering the question. “Well he does like to cum on my chest, I can’t believe I just said that. I think we both have been over served I’m just glad we don’t have to drive” Antinette said.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Kelly and Antinette were at dinner and I had the inversion table set up and that’s when I was told that Antinette has been wanting to try it out. I was a little excited about the thought of my wife’s best friend upside down feet pointing to the sky. I tried not to show my excitement about Antinette coming over and told Kelly I would stay to show her how to use it. My wife would of showed her but it made her a little motion sick whenever she had tried.

 It didn’t take long for Antinette to come over after my wife called her. She was wearing some long knit pants, tennis shoes and a long but tight fitting shirt. Kelly and I showed her how the inversion table worked. I went on telling Antinette about it like I was trying to sell it to her. First you have to adjust it for you height, next you put one foot onto the bar then the other and work them in between the padded ankle cuffs. When you have your ankles in place you pull on the latch to release the bar and push it tight against your ankles so you don’t slip out. I leaned back and showed her that the safety strap was set to allow it only to incline to about a 35ยบ angle from horizontal. “That’s it? it doesn’t look to bad at all, can I try?” Antinette asked and I leaned forward to bring myself up and get off so she could give it a try. I step back and watched as she reset the bar for the height for herself and jump on, strap her ankles in and slowly raise her arms above her head to help her recline.

“Wow!! I can tell you already I think this is really going to help me, I can feel my back starting to stretch and not hurt as much” Antinette said. Kelly and I could tell how much that was helping Antinette  and we were glad we could help and that's when I told her “If you can come over ever other day for awhile it will really help a lot” as I watched her laying there, eyes closed enjoying the temporary relief from the pain. “You guys are the best, I will have to think of some we to repay you” Antinette told us.

It was after about two weeks of seeing Antinette coming and going to our house that I started to get use to see her on a regular basis. One day I came home to see her car there and my wife’s gone. I figured they must of have gone out somewhere together so I was very surprised to walk in and hear Antinette say “Hello, who is it?” It’s just me I told her and asked where Kelly was, “She got a phone call and had to go back to work for a few hours so she said I could stay and use the inversion table, She said that you would be home around now.”  I told Antinette “OK. thanks for the update, How was work today?” waiting to hear that nothing really happened but there was something new and Antinette began to tell me “I had today off because I got called for jury duty. After leaving there I just came over to get Kelly. I needed a drink after sitting downtown all day today so I brought some drinks over and I put them in the fridge. I’ll share them with you but you better hurry I'm already on my third. I also want to let you know I just love how much this inversion table has been helping me feel better” Antinette told me.

 I put my keys and phone down and went over to see Antinette and was shocked at what I saw, instead of wearing some sweats and sweatshirt she was still dressed up from jury duty she was wearing dress pants, nice blouse and black nylons and high heels. High heels, I almost never see Antinette in high heels, my attraction to her high heels lead me to get myself a drink and go into the room to visit. I sat on the couch about five feet from her and was enjoying my drink when she asked me question. 
“Can you do me a favor? I think I can use another drink could you please be a sweet heart and grab me one? I’ll even let you open it for me” Antinette asked in a playful manner. I got up and walked back into the kitchen to grab her a drink and as I passed her I noticed that her feet were at exactly my eye level, I stared a little as I went by and hoped she didn’t see me. 

I grab her another hard lemonade and made my way back into the room. I had to get another look at those high heels so when I got next to her feet again I stopped and made some small talk. “I’m so glad this is working for you” I said “another side effect is that you’ll be a little taller when you done.” I move over and bent down to see if she wanted a drink while she was still upside down, “I think I can take a drink” Antinette said as she twisted sideways and took a sip, I could tell by the look in her eye she was thinking of something “Could you do me another huge favor?” she asked “my feet are getting a little warm stuck in my shoes do you think you could take them off for me? I just can’t reach them right now, and with how good I’m feeling right now I don’t want to get up”

I’m stunned, did she see my looking at her feet? Am I being paranoid? Can I keep myself from tickling her? I was just standing there going over all of these questions in my head when she asked me again “Is everything OK? I sure could use a little help with my high heels, my feet are also really tired it will be nice to wiggle my toes” Antinette said to me as I snapped out of my trance. I turned and set my drink down and move over to the ankle bar to help her out of her shoes.

I was trying not to have Antinette see my rock hard cock as I reached up and tried to remove her left shoe first since that was the foot that was closest to me. I put my hand around the heel and gave it a little tug, it barely moved at all I tried to push it back on and pull it off again it wasn’t going anywhere. “Try to wiggle your foot a little bit that might help, your heel seams to be stuck on the bar” I told her as I see her trying to get her foot loose. “It’s no use, I would do anything if you could find a way to help me out” Antinette said in a playful voice. I told her I would have to get a wrench to loosen a bolt to take off the foot rest. I pulled her shoe as loose as it would get and let my hand drag across the top of her foot as I walked away. “Nooo, please don’t touch the tops of my feet they are both very ticklish” Antinette told me catching her laughter and stopping it.

As I went inside to get some tools and I see my video camera sitting on the counter, I think to myself that the way this is going I might get some good video. I open the drawer and grab a wrench when Antinette yells to me to grab her another drink. “You might want to slow down I’m only half way done with mine and we started at the same time” I told her as I walked over and grabbed another from the fridge for her. I turned on the video camera before I walk back out into the sun room and set it on the table behind a few books peaking through pointing at Antinette. “Here you go I don’t think you will be eating very much when you finely go out to eat” I told her as I walked over to hand her the drink I noticed that she was just relaxing with her eyes shut, “thank you very much you must let me repay you in some way, getting me drinks, helping me take off shoes, life is very good” she told me before she took a sip and set it down next to her and went back to closing her eyes.

“I think your going to fall asleep before you know it the way your looking” I said as I took the wrench and loosen the bolt to remove the footrest. I set the tools down and moved back over to to end of the inversion table. The way the table is inclined Antinette’s feet are right at the level of my face, I’m in heaven as I turn to walk back over that I see Antinette start to wiggle her feet now noticing that her feet are no longer trapped. “Oh I can’t wait to stretch my toes, they feel like they been stuck in these shoes all day” Antinette said to me as I raised my hands and and took my left hand and put it on top of her left foot and use my right hand to grab the heels and gently pull. I love the sound that’s made when you pull off a shoe when someones wearing nylons, it’s kind of a hollow sound from the suction of the shoe being pulled off of the foot.
Another bonus of having my face so close is the wonderful smell that is released, I almost shot a load in my sweats when the aroma hit me. It’s a mix of leather and sweat I started to get very excited. “OOOOoooo that feels great please take off my off my other shoe” Antinette told me wiggling her foot and toes right in front of my face I was almost starting  to think she knew about my thing for feet. “Alright here comes the other one” I told her as I slowly removed her high heel but this time I did it a little different. As I was pulling off her shoe I gently slide it against the bottom of her foot, what a reaction I received “Ohh ssssttopp you Tic Tic Tickling MEEE Please SStop ha ha” Antinette said the best she could with all of her laughter.

“Oh no please don’t do that again I am so ticklish I can hardly stand to have my feet touched let alone after they been in shoes all day” she said to me as I set her shoe down on the floor. I apologized and grabbed my drink and slammed it trying to clam my nerves. “You have no idea how much that tickled me, it just drives me mad. I swear I must have the most ticklish feet on earth?  I think I've heard somewhere that there are people that get turned on by feet and tickling, do you know anyone who does?” Antinette asked me point blank, I felt as I was reading to much into her statement, to much into my fantasy, I knew I shouldn’t but I felt that with how drunk she was she might not remember much of what I tell her.

“Do you know anyone like that?” I asked her back hoping the conversation would continue. “I do have a very close friend who just told me the other day that she loved having her feet massaged, didn’t even mind when he nibbled on her toes. He will even tickle her too but she said because of the great massage she really didn’t mind at all, in fact she loves it. I was a little surprised when she slipped and told during our night out a few weeks ago” Antinette said to me and waited for me to say something. “I can’t believe that Ron does that to your sister what else did she tell you?” I asked. “It’s not Ron” she told me “Do you want to take another guess? you know him really well” Antinette told me acting very coy, I was starting to think I might be caught but how would Antinette know anything about my likes and dislikes.“I'll give you a second to think about it and while you do could you do me another favor? I could really use another drink, one more is all I need. I think after that one my back won’t bother me at all” Antinette asked as she laughed and looked up at me knowing that she was really drunk. 

“Are you sure you want another drink I bet you can’t even hardly stand up” I told her then she just kept staring at me with her big brown eyes and told me “I don’t need to stand up, not at least for another two hours I can just hang out hear and wait for Kelly to get back home right?” I told her “fine you can stay as long as you want I don’t care I didn’t have any plans for tonight. Do you need anything else along with you drink? I need to go the the bathroom before I grab your drink.” I said. Antinette told me she could use one thing if I could  grab her phone out of her purse and take her shoes and put them by the door, she wouldn't need them for awhile. “Sure” I told her as I reached down and grabbed her high heels and walked into the house.

IMG_3931 copy
I was so wound up and excited about having Antinettes high heels in my hands and her in the other room unaware of the fun I was about to have with her shoes. I went into my bedroom and closed the door most of the way behind me and began to smell and play with her high heels. The smell so strong and powerful, the aroma was great, sweat and leather and still a little warm I had to shoot a load in them and I had to be fast. I slid down my sweat pants and took them off, my rock hard cock sprung out and throbbed already close to cumming. With one shoe over my face breathing in all of the wonderful smells and the other being pumped by my cock. It didn’t take very long before I filled Antinettes shoe with a huge load of cum, I pumped my self dry into her shoe and was still hard as I turned to go into the bathroom to clean up myself and her shoe and that's when I froze and turned beat red as Antinette stood there watching me with a shit eating grin on her face.

 “Didn’t think I was getting off of the inversion table did you? Of course not other wise you might have closed the door all the way. Your the person who I found out how you love feet and high heels. I figured out what a better way to see for myself but to make a opportunity that was to good for you to pass up.” Antinette said to me, kind of preaching but really enjoying herself in all of her drunken state. “I think with the way you feel right now I can have you do just about what ever I want so I don’t tell Kelly what I saw” Antinette said and deep down I knew she was right. “I’ll do what ever you want , whatever you need you just can’t tell Kelly please she would never understand!”I pleaded

IMG_3761 copy

I begged of Antinette to stay quite and not say anything and I could tell she might of been planning something like this all along after Kelly said too much. “Well I guess I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t give you a chance to redeem yourself” Antinette said “I have a few ideas that you can do to earn my forgiveness and silence, but you'll need to do me a few favors, what do you think?” she asked me as I stood there my cock still rock hard dripping with cum feeling a little foolish and trapped “If you do good I can even help you with that next time” as she pointed at my dick as she turned and went into the bathroom leaving me standing there, shocked.

I didn’t know what to do next, I went to the kitchen sink and cleaned myself off real fast and threw back on my sweats and took her freshly cleaned shoe back out to the sun room and waited for Antinette to return. I sat in the chair feeling a very silly and in big trouble when I saw Antinette turn the corner wearing only her nylons, bra and a pair on Kellys almost six inch high heels I was shocked. “With how embarrassed you must feel I decided to help you feel better and let loose a little. You don’t think Kelly will mind if I wear a pair of her shoes do you? I hope not, I know I won’t tell her and I don’t think you will ever mention this to anyone ever right?” Antinette asked me as she just walked right by and got her self back onto the inversion table, strapped in her ankles and reclined back and gave me an order.

“You know how ticklish I am so what I want you to do is to do you best to give me a relaxing foot massage and not tickle my feet. If I think your really trying I may let you slip in a few tickles so you can enjoy yourself and I can see of I’m missing something about tickling” she said to me as I just sat there is a daze not believing my luck, wife’s best friend in only bra, nylons and high heels asking me to give her a foot rub and she will forget everything that she saw today.

I stood up and walked over to the foot of the table and stood as close as I could without bumping Antinettes feet with my face, the smells were great. I reached up to her right foot with both hands took off my wife’s high heel shoe and gently but forcefully started to rub it. “You know I can start to see why so many people like this, it’s so relaxing but it’s keeping me a little on edge waiting to be tickled I keep wanting to sit up to stop you even thought I know your going to be nice” Antinette told me in a low sexy voice, that’s when I thought I could take up her game a notch. “I think I have a way you can keep your mind on the massage, I can tie you hands up above your head that way you don’t have to worry about trying to stop me you can just lay back and relax” I told her putting all of my cards on the table now hoping that it sounded good to her too. “If you think its a good idea, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all, just let me have another fresh drink before we begin” Antinette told me

I was stunned at her response, I told her just wait there and I would be right back to get her all set. I was so excited that I felt that my face and dick were on fire. I hurried into my bedroom and grabbed a pair of my wife’s nylons and a scarf and headed back out to see Antinette. “OK are you ready to really enjoy you time on the inversion slash massage table?” I asked her as I walked back into the room and headed over toward the the end of the inversion table where Antinettes head and hands are. I gently grabbed her right wrist and wrapped the nylon around it about four times and then began to loop it around the top of the table. I then moved over to repeat the same to her left wrist, I was hard as hell again as I finished tying her left hand. “Hows that? Are you doing OK? Its not to tight is it?” I asked her as she twisted and turned her wrists testing out her bonds “It’s not bad at all, the nylons are really soft but I can tell I will never be able to get out by myself” she told me then asked “Why do you have the scarf? I hope you’re going to use it to blindfold me that way I can totally relax and enjoy the foot massage.” I take the scarf and wrap it around Antinette face covering her eyes, around the back of her head and  over the eyes again and knot it off to the side so she an rest her head back on the table. I take the last nylon and tie the top of the table to the base of the table so that without help there is not anyway she can get herself upright.

I start to pull on my rock hard cock through my pants now that Antinette can no longer see what I’m doing as I walk back down towards her feet. I start again on her right foot. “It’s much better now isn’t it? You can just lie back and enjoy yourself” I told her as I was rubbing her foot. I was doing my best trying to make her happy when I could no longer stop myself and had to give he a little tickle. As I was rubbing I used my pinky finger and dragged it slowly along the bottom of Antinettes foot “wooo what was that? That was no accident your trying not to tickle right?” she told me in a playful voice. “It was totally my fault I’m sorry what can I do to make it up to you?” I asked hoping to get her to play along and my hopes payed off. “If your really sorry you would give my foot a big kiss to say your sorry I don’t think that’s to much to ask considering the position I’m in. I’m a little stuck at the moment as you can see” Antinette told me and I was happy to help her out with her request.

I gently held her foot as I leaned forward and puckered up my lips and placed a kiss on the toes of her left foot. I could not believe I was kissing my wife’s best friend foot! The whole moment at hand was blowing my mind, the softness of her foot, the scent, the whole thing was great. I moved my hands and lips over to her right foot and when I started to kiss those toes she pointed her foot and asked me “please, oh please suck on my toes!! It ha ha ha tickles but its making me so horny and it feels so good he he he ha ooh oh please don’t stop” she told me and who was I not to listen.

I kept on licking and sucking on her toes when I took my other hand and started to lightly tickled her other foot, just enough to be noticed “Oh god oh god!! I never knew ha ha ha that so much pleasure could be had from someone playing with my feet!! If I knew how good this would feel I wouldn’t have waited so long to find out” Antinette told me in between laughs and gasps of air.

I couldn’t stand it any longer as I reached down and pulled on my rock hard cock as I was licking and tickling Antinette with my left hand my right got busy on myself. It didn’t take her long to notice that my breathing was getting hard and my tickling of her nyloned covered foot was a little irregular and she asked me what I was doing. “I was starting to fondle myself again, I’m sorry but this whole thing is to much for my to take. I have to get off before I blow up, I’m really sorry if it bothers you” I told her as I took a break from her feet.

“I am still not sure if my sides or arms are ticklish. I think you should find out before you do anything to yourself” Antinette told me as I listened to her telling me that she still wanted to be tickled some more. I stepped out of my pants and walk over to the side of the table and reach over and gently started to lightly draw circles on her naked stomach. As I was lightly tickling her stomach she kept trying to wiggle out of the way but that didn’t stop me, I just move my hands over to her ribs and started to squeeze them and then I move one hand up and into her arm pit “AAHhhh st st STOP IT!! aha haa I can’t take much more of this” Antinette laughed and yelled as I decided to slow down and give her a little break.

“I think you may have gotten yourself into a little trouble” I told her a I stood back watching her trying to regain her demeanor “I think I am going to go get my camera and take a few pictures of you and put them away for safe keeping, that way I'll know you'll never tell anyone about our little encounter were having today” “You can’t! I will never tell anyone anything I promise” Antinette swore to me but it didn’t matter, I was going to get some good pictures let alone the video she had no idea about. “Please! I will do what ever you want, no questions asked and I can do a lot of good things I hate having my picture taken you know that. Look at how many times you have to take my picture before you get one that I like” Antinette told me trying to persuade me into not taking any pictures as she was giggling like a little school girl who just found out her first crush really liked her. “I don’t know” I told her as I played along also “what do you have in mind?” I asked.

“I know you have a thing for feet and tickling. How about the next couple of times I come over to use your inversion table you can be home and I will let you tickled my feet as much as you want. I promise I will come over early a few of those days when Kelly isn’t home so you can even tied me up again so you can do what ever you want” Antinette said and that offer was to good to refuse. 

“I think we have a deal” I told her as I circled back up to her head and began to lightly drag my fingers up and down her arms making sure to leave them a little to long in her armpits. “I think I’m going to have to write up a contract and have you sign it before you change your mind. Do you need anything until I get back?” Antinette asked me if I could untie one hand and get her another drink so at least she could enjoy herself until I came back. I released her left hand knowing that she was right handed and would never be able to get the knots out using only her left hand

I went to the computer, sat down in a excited mess and wrote down a few rules of the contract.
I Antinette do sign this contract of free will and will obey all rules set forth below.
1. I will wear nylons whenever I am going to be around Kelly or you
2. I will try to the best of my ability to always be wearing at least a 2 inch high heels when I think we might meet.
3. On days I plan on using the inversion table I will be wearing high heels with a minimum of 3 inches in height and nylons the whole day.
4. I will not tell anyone ever about this contract or anything or actions it covers.
5. I will allow myself to be tickled at your will.
6. I will allowed pictures to be taken and released if I ever break any part of this contract.
7. I understand this contract once signed is valid for no less than 2160 hours.
8. I must be ready to come over at least once a week before 4:00pm

I Antinette agree by singing below


I printed the paper and grabbed it and a pen and went back out into the sun room to have Antinette read and sign it. As I got closer to the door I heard a funny noise in the room and tiptoed the rest of the way to see what Antinette was doing. I peaked my head around the corner to see her with her hand down her nylons playing with herself, and she was really enjoying it! I knew that I could really take advantage of this by helping her along a little bit. I slowly walked up to the end of the inversion table where Antinettes feet were still locked in, I began to slowly lick and nibble on her left foot and lightly tickle her right foot up and down from the tips of her toes to the heel of her foot. As I kept it up I could hear her breathing start to really quicken up and that’s when I started to really give her foot the once over with my mouth. “OOOHHhh My God!! I think I’m going to cum!! Please oh please keep doing what you doing it feels great!!” Antinette yelled but I had to make sure she signed the contract before she changed her mind.

“I think playtime is over” I told her as I grabbed her hand and began to tie it up to the top of the table again. I could tell she was close to cumming with how hard she fought me and with how sweaty she was. “Please please please I need to finish!! You have no idea how few times I have came in my life. You have to let me finish!! I will do anything for you!! ANYTHING!!” she told me almost in a scream. “I will let both of your hands go as soon as you sign this” I told her as I put the paper up to Antinettes face so she could read it. As I held the contract up after about a minute she said “Oh my god, give me a pen! I’ll sign it then please let me cum!! Could you also please play with my feet again it makes me feel great” she asked me as I started to release her hands.

After I untied both of her hands she went right to town an herself aging playing this time with her pussy and tits at the same time. I was in haven as I moved back down to the end of the inversion table and once again I began tickle both of her feet at the same time. “OOOoooo oh my god!! please stop no no no don’t stop just tickle one ha hah ahha ha foot at a time and could you just suck on my other toes he he he PLEASE!!!” Antinette asked me and after giving them both a huge thirty second burst of tickles I moved in and began to lick and suck her toes. “Please don’t stop I’m almost there just give me another few seconds that is all I will need please” she asked me and then it didn’t take Antinette long to cum, and in all of the excitement with Antinette begging for some tickles and nibbling I whipped out my cock and brought myself up to another orgasm. The timing was perfect we both came within ten seconds of each other.

I was spent and so was Antinette, we both recovered in silence as I stood there and caught my breath Antinette told me she was glad that Kelly had to go back to work today “I’m glad too and the good news is that we can do something like this next week again, remember your under contract for six months” I told her. “SIX MONTHS? How do you figure six months, the contract is for a little over 2000 hours” Antinette asked. Think about it, there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. that only 168 hours for the whole week. “I guess you should have done the math in your head before you signed it” I told her as I gave her a copy of the signed document and helped her back into an upright position. I think you may need one more drink before Kelly gets back and then I can tell you what I have planned for you next.
To be continued

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Caught and tickled in the new house

I often like to get myself dressed up in nylons and high heels and tie myself up just for fun. Being a guy it just isn’t the thing most guys do. I am very lucky that my wife will let me indulged myself and tie myself up for her to find, but sometimes it just nice to tie myself up and enjoy my capture until I finally get myself loose. Just recently we moved and with all of the prep of getting ready to move and then moving I didn’t have a whole lot of time to myself to enjoy my hobby. My wife son and myself were just about done putting everything away in it’s new place and life was starting to get back to normal. 

It was a Friday I was at work when the office lost power so I ended up going home just before lunch. With my son at school and wife at work it was the first time in about six weeks that I could find the time to play with the ropes and handcuffs. I knew I had about four hours before anyone would be home so I knew I could have some fun. I always love the feel of wearing nylons and high heels so the first thing I do is get dressed. I pull on a brand new pair of nylons fresh out of there package and put them on, next come my four inch bright red high heels. At this point I am so hard already I don’t know how long I can last before I blow my load.
One nice thing about the new house is the new very large 55″ TV; one cool feature is that video and still pictures look great and can play from a thumb drive. What I like to do is put a bunch of my favorite pictures and video of me being tied up by my wife and getting tickled and also some pictures of my legs and feet in some of my heels and last but not least I have photoshoped my wife and some of her friends onto some pictures from some bondage websites that look so good you would never know that they are not real.

( I add a few into the post at random so you can see)

Since I was going to be able to move around I started a few videos of me tied up in nylons and high heels being tickled by my wife. 

I grab all the ropes and things I will need for my little adventure and moved out into the living room. I usually try to get some pictures and video of the fun so I set up my still camera on a tripod too snap a picture every 10 seconds. I put the video camera on facing were I will finish tying myself up to catch the whole thing on tape. Last but not least I put the thumb drive into the TV and start the show. Next I move over to the camera and hit the record button. I am so excited about getting tied up that it’s hard not to shoot my load with just getting myself ready. 

I sit on the edge of the couch and lay out all of the ropes and things I will need for today. I almost forgot to leave the handcuff key on a small table in the basement so that I have to do a little walking to get myself free. First thing I do is to tie my high heels onto my feet so that there is no way for me to kick them off no matter how hard I try I use about ten feet of thin rope and proceed to tied my shoe onto my left foot first then do the same to my right foot. I also like to add a short piece of rope so I can only take about six inch steps. Next I pull a nylon over my head and begin to wrap duct tape around my mouth for a gag and even work the tape under my chin to keep me from even thinking of making a sound. I must of wrapped my mouth and face about twelve times around and could not believe how tight it was. You have to keep yourself calm to keep yourself from becoming winded because the only air you get is in from your nose.

Another thing I love is the smell of my wife’s shoes. She can never understand how the smell of her feet makes me so hard but it does, and she is always nice enough to indulge me. I love it when she gets home and then has to go back out right away, she will change and leave and I will grab and sniff her shoes to my hearts content it almost always makes me blow my load right inside of her warm moist shoe. The scent of her shoe will increase my orgasms so I usually tape one of her shoes over my nose with about six strips of tape so that there is no way its going to come off. 

I like to tie a crotch rope and finish it off by wrapping it around my cock and balls and then finish it of with a tight wrap of about six turns around my balls pulling it tight then I tie it off behind me by looping it back between my crotch and tie it off behind my back. I pick up the handcuffs off of the couch and use a little of the slack from the crotch rope to tie my handcuffs behind my back. I’m so hard I can’t even touch my cock anymore because I will shot my load as soon as I did.

Now I am really have to finishing tying myself up before I just grab my cock and bring myself to an orgasm. I give my cock a few quick strokes before I reach behind my back and lock my hands into the handcuffs. At the moment the cuffs close I am overwhelmed with excitement and just about blow my load, I try not to cum so soon because of all of the work of tying myself up I hate to blow right away because the longer I am tied up the stronger I orgasm later. I sit down and catch my breath because of the duct tape gag I sometimes start to get a little winded and light headed. I get control of myself as I sit back and watch the pictures on the TV. I fantasize that my wife comes home early and catches me or that maybe it’s my mother in law or one of my wife’s friends, I think I would probably die of embarrassment but sometimes the thought of it seems like it might be fun.

I was tied for about twenty minutes when I thought I should see how easy it is to move around the house. I carefully stand up and get my balance before I try to take a few steps. I am not to bad at walking around in heels but when your hands are cuffed behind you and have your ankles tied it’s just a little tougher. It takes me about five minutes just to make it over to the computer room which is only about twenty feet away and sit down and enjoy the videos of myself I left playing on the computer. I put the mouse and keyboard up on top of the desk so I can’t shut off or change what is playing.

I sat down just in time to see my wife slowly removing my high heels and playfully tickling both feet at once. She really gets into it after she had a few drinks and this video was from one of those nights, my cock was starting to stir a little more as I listen to her taunt me “That doesn’t tickle does it? I would sure hate if it tickles” she told me as I watch her smiling and tickling away at my nyloned covered feet. I am starting to really feel the need to cum, I am getting that excited feeling in my gut so I figure its time to make my way downstairs and get the key to my cuffs so I can finally blow my load.

The walk over to the stairs was making me tired, I will not tie my ankles so close together next time because it makes walking so tough and with how much duct tape I used on my mouth I was had to move slow so I didn’t get winded from lack of air. I finally get to the stairs and now have to be really careful, I don’t want to fall down the steps. The only way I can go down stairs is to scoot down on my butt. With my ankles ties so close I have to sit down before I can get my legs on the steps. I slowly sit down and slide my way over to the steps. I can put my feet all the way down to the first landing I kind of slid down a little to hard down the first two steps and hurt my tail bone a little bit. I was getting ready to work my way down the rest of the steps when out of nowhere there is a knock on the side door. I nearly pissed myself I was so shocked at the knock I just sat there not making a sound trying not to move a muscle so they would just go away because they would think no one was home.

Knock knock knock, someone was still at the door I just hoped they would go away so I could get myself free. One thing I didn’t expect was the knock at the door and the effect it was having on my cock, it was hard as a rock and I had to get loose so I could finish myself off. Finally, I heard the screen do shut and I could hear someone walking away. My heart was racing and felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest from all of the adrenaline of the knocking. I sat motionless for a few seconds before the coast was clear and I twisted my legs over to the next set of steps so I could make my way to the basement. I put my feet on the second step from the top and get ready to slide down when I hear the screen door being pulled open and the sound of a key being put into the lock “Shit!! this can’t be happening” I thought to myself and just sat there dumbfounded by what to do next.

The door starts to open and someone knocks while they are opening it “knock knock anybody home?” I know that voice its Antinette my wife’s best friend and now I’m starting to shake with nerves running on overdrive I don’t know what to do next! I am so busted I am freaking out but I just sit there not moving a bit and trying not to hyperventilate hoping its just a nightmare. “I guess no one's home, I thought that was Kelly's husbands car in the street but I guess not” I hear Antinette talking to herself while she moves into the house and turns right away to close the door. I hear and see her high heels clicking on the tile floor I can’t even look up I am so embarrassed with her even noticing me yet.

“AAAHHHHH WHa WHat WHo who OH MY GOD are you OK who did this to you?” Antinette screamed as she saw me sitting on the stairs. I couldn’t even look at her until she gently grabbed my face and forced me to look into her dark brown eyes. “I think by the way your avoiding looking at me you might be guilty of doing this to yourself. You could tell me but I think you might have gotten carried away with the duct tape” she told me in a way too clam of a manor and a matter of fact. I am shocked and excited about getting caught but what is Antinette doing here and how did she get a key to the house.

“Now I am really glad I forgot my camera at your house the other day” Antinette told me, almost sounding a little cocky “I was just going to come back over later tonight but when I was talking to Kelly after I left the going away party for Lisa at the bar. Kelly told me to save myself a trip and use the key you guys had hidden in the back yard and that my camera was in the front room next to the TV. I told her thanks a lot because I had a few too many drinks and after I got home I was going to take a nap and sleep off a few of these drinks until my husband got home. I’m glad I decided to stop now because I would have never guessed I would of come across and see such an act by you in my life” she told me.

I am in total shock here is Antinette, wearing high heels and way to clam about finding me tied up the way I am. I know she doesn’t drink very often anymore bit I can tell she is hammered. I’m trying to still slid my way down stairs but Antinette grabs my shoulder and works her way past my and goes down the stairs. “There must be something good down here with the way you are still trying to make it down here. I thought after being caught by your wife’s best friend while dressed up in nylons and high heels and tied up with some rope and handcuffs to boot you would have just tried to get me to help you but I guess you know I might be feeling a little frisky” Antinette told me as I see her looking around the basement and seeing the key to the handcuffs sitting on a table at the bottom of the stairs. “The way I look at this is your Kelly has no idea that your home otherwise she would of told me to just knock on the door. Secondly I bet Kelly has no idea you do this kind of thing by yourself. The way I’m looking at it I can do anything I want to you and you will never tell Kelly because it would be a little hard to explain that you had yourself tied up in nylons and high heels and Antinette just let herself in and took advantage of you. It seems like you might be in trouble for a little bit” Antinette says as I can see a little devilish grin come over her face.

Antinette is twirling the key as she walks by me on the stairs as I just helplessly watch as the key to my freedom is carried away. “Don’t go anywhere I will be right back” she tells me as she drags a finger across my chest as she walks by. I’m in trouble I thought to myself as I noticed again that Antinette was wearing heels and as much as I was trying not too my cock started to get hard again, all that it took was to see Antinette in her high heels walking by. “I guess if I was going to forget anything yesterday my camera was a good thing with how I found you today, no one would of ever believed me otherwise” Antinette told me as I listen to her walk away towards the room where Kelly told her he camera was.

Oh Shit!! I thought to myself just then remembering that I had the slide show running on the TV and Antinette is going to die when she sees what is on the screen. I just sat there not wanting to move, maybe she won't see the pictures and just let me go. “Oh my GOD!!! What in the world are these pictures? I never poised for these kinds of photos. All of the times I let Louie tie me up I never let him take pictures I mean I never let anyone do those things to me” Antinette said as she caught herself admitting that she has been tied up before and it sure sounds like it has been more than once.

The house becomes super quite, I hear nothing but silence going on in the other room and nothing is being said to me. I finally hear the sound of her high heels clicking again and slowly walking back toward me. “I think I am going to have some fun with you today” she says as she walks toward me with a devilish look in her eye “You had no idea that anyone we be coming by today did you because why else would you do this and leave yourself in such a vulnerable position? I think I need to help you make it upstairs so I can take a few more pictures and email them to myself for safe keeping.” Antinette told me as I see her point the camera at me and snap off a few shots. “I need to take this shoe off of your face so I can really see your face.” Antinette tells me as I feel her working the tape loose holding Kelly’s high heel on my face. “Now either you can let me help you make it back up stairs or I can post these pictures on YOUR Facebook account I’m sure your still logged in on your computer in the other room. I wonder how long until you could get yourself loose and delete them. I am sure by that point you would never hear the end of it” she told me. I just looked down and tried to get my footing as I felt her small hands grab my elbow and helped me back up onto my high heels and working my way back up to the first floor.

I was so overloaded with feelings that I was almost shaking, ‘I have no idea how this is going to end’ I thought to myself as I followed Antinette into the living room and tried not to look at the TV for fear of just blowing my load right then and there seeing all of the pictures on giant screen. “I need you to lie on the couch for me” as she forces me to sit and lifts my legs onto the couch I am now on my back trying to get my wrists comfortable looking at Antinette with my cock standing straight up like a flag pole. “I see that you are really enjoying yourself by the looks of it” she tells me as she sits on the ottoman and lightly strokes my cock a few times “Oh my god you are so close to cumming I need to slow you down if I am going to have any fun with you and myself” she tells me and as her words are still hanging in the air she flicks the head of my dick super hard “OOOMMMMMPPPPHH” was all that would come out of my duct taped mouth. “I am so sorry, I promise that after I’m finished here today you will forget I even had to do that” she whispered into my ear as I felt a red hot fire burning in my groin as my cock started to get a little softer “I heard that’s how nurses do it to male patients in surgery when men get hard when there sedated I promise I will kiss it and make it better later” Antinette told me with a smile.

I watch as she walks over to my pile of ropes and grabs a piece and heads back toward me and tells me to roll onto my stomach “I need to put you in a hogtie. I bet you never thought you would hear those words coming from my mouth” she says and she is right I never thought I would hear that. I slowly try to get on my stomach and am having a very hard time because of my wife’s shoe still taped to my face I am having a hard time turning my head without it getting it caught in the couch. “I can give you a hand” Antinette tells me as I feel her pulling my shoulders up so I can finally get on my stomach. “I am hoping that you will help me with this because I sure don’t want to post any of your pictures, now can you please bend your knees” she told me. I bent my legs up as far as I could and I felt her wrapping a rope around my ankles and tying it off to my waist rope. “That should give you some time to think about what you’ve done to yourself and what I am going to do to you” she tells me in a sarcastic tone. “I am going to email myself some of these pictures just to make sure I always have a few for backup in case I ever need anything from you” she told me as she poked my side as she got up a watched her walk away.

I am toast I’m on my own couch hogtied wearing nylons and high heels taunted and teased by my wife's best friend. “I may be a few minutes I didn’t have any idea that you were so kinky”“I am shocked by all of the folders of pictures and video you have. I am going to look at some of your stuff to see what makes you tick.” I must have left my folder open on my computer and there she will see everything. Antinette was in the room for about thirty minutes and more than once I heard a gasp or ooohh come out of the room. I can only imagine what she thinks of me now. I have stories some with her in them, all of my fake pictures, my high heel pictures and video of me tied up by Kelly my wife and me in self bondage.

“I will be out soon” Antinette says to me as I start to hear a little commotion in the other room. I am now rock hard again with laying there tied up watching the pictures going on the TV I just couldn’t help myself. I hear the clicking of high heels again and look over to see Antinette walking out from down the hallway wearing only her high heels, nylons and a black bra! I am shocked and excited at the same time. That is when she tells me “You didn’t think I was going to let you have all of the fun did you? I am going to grab some more of your ropes and readjust some of your ropes. Remember no funny business or the pics go online”

What can I do I have to listen to what she says from now on all I can hope for is that I am loose by time the rest of the family is going to be home. Antinette sits down and plops her feet right next to my face “So I knew you had a little thing for nylons and high heels but I would have never guessed it was so strong” she tells me “I bet right now you're hoping that my shoe might dangle off of my toes a little bit? From looking at your folders on the computer I saw that you have a whole folder of women dangling their shoes. I never knew that such things turned on guys” Antinette says as I see her foot working to pop her heel out of her shoe. She starts to rub her hands up and down my legs as she finely get her shoe to break loose of her heel “Oh that’s better, I hope the smell doesn’t bother you I have been in these shoes for the last three days they may smell a little bit” she tells me as the scent of her nylon covered foot reaches my nose, I take in a huge whiff and Antinette notices “I can’t believe it!! You do like the smell of my feet. I just thought the shoe over you face was kind of of weird but I never knew that feet could make people do such strange things, but I think I like it” as I feel Antinette fingers lightly dragging her fingers down the tops of my toes.

“I also found out another thing about you I never knew. You are quite an author, I think I might be one of your favorite subjects. From reading your stories I can tell that, one you like to wear nylons, two you like to wear high heels and three you like to tickle and be tickled. I am a little proud to be the one you wrote the most stories about.” I am so busted I don’t even have any idea where this is all going “I think I might make a few of your story ideas come true” Antinette says to me as I am feeling really ready to blow my load from all of the excitement of being caught in such a mess.

Antinette has lost all of her inhibitions and has totally taken her foot out of her high heel. “I can tell how much you like this but I think I can make it a lot more fun. I have a question for you. I know you can’t answer but I bet you can still nod you head. Would you like the chance to tie me up today?” Antinette asked me and I didn’t even have to think for a second as I nodded my head yes. “I was thinking I already have my black male photos so I know you won't tell anyone about you tying me up but I never get tied up as much as I want so I think this might work put good for both of us. I am first going to tie you up a little tighter then I am going to have my way with you” she told me as she rubbed her foot up and down my duct taped faced. The scent of her foot was driving me mad and a just wanted to nibble on those toes but had no chance with my face duct taped.

“I am going to untie your hogtie and I am going to have you sit on a couple of chairs if you try anything funny I’m gone and the pictures are on your Facebook page” Antinette says as she gets off of the couch and move into the kitchen. I watch as she grabs two chairs and sets them in front of the TV about a foot apart with the back of the chairs facing to the facing away from each other she uses a piece of rope to tie the legs of the chairs so they cannot move any farther apart. Next she grabs a third chair and sets in behind the first two. “O.K. I need you to have a seat on the chairs” I walk around and slowly sit down and notice that when I sit down I am going to be very vulnerable because the way she put the chairs only my outer thighs are on the chairs. I am sitting when Antinette kneels in front of my right foot and starts to wrap a rope around my ankle and pulls to lift my foot of the ground and tie it off on the rung of the chair with the soul off my shoe facing like you are trying to but the bottoms of both feet together. I can not touch the floor with my foot no matter how much I wiggle, “I thought I should really tie you up before I’m done with you” Antinette says as she begins to tie my left leg the same way. I am sitting with my legs tied the way they are with my knees about a foot off of the seat of the chair next she wraps a rope around my knee and ties it off to the back of the chair and repeats the same to my other leg.

I am still handcuffed with my rock hard cock at attention sticking out right in front of me. “Ooh that seems to be doing something for you right? I can tell be his reaction” Antinette told me as she moved behind me. Antinette grabs my handcuffed wrists and makes me lean forward until she slides the chair right up behind me and then lets me go and that’s when I felt her tying off the handcuffs to the bottom rung of the chair. I can hardly move at all when Antinette kneels right in front of me and starts to drag a fingernail up and down the bottom of my cock and I try to pump my dick to get her to play with it a little harder and after the third time she stops, looks up at me and begins to drag her fingers all around my chest, sides and armpits tickling and or pinching me slowly but surly. “I guess you didn’t like me playing with your cock otherwise you wouldn’t of kept pumping. I know you like to be tickled so I guess I will do that some more” she said in a playful tone as I squirmed to get away from her hands to no avail. “I can’t wait until I take off your shoes because I think you feet might be really ticklish” she says just playing with my body like she has not a care in the world. “You know I am doing this all because I know you want me too. This is just like a scene out of one of your stories” she tells me while she moves one hand onto my cock and starts to stroke me up and down.

“I have a little game for you. I am going to now tape my high heel to your already duct taped face and see how much you like that. If your still being good and stay hard I may tickle your feet for only a little bit” Antinette whispers to me as I see her stand up and walk behind me. I am breathing really hard now knowing that I am soon going to have the high heel of my wife’s best friend taped to my face and me with no way to stop her, I wouldn’t even if I could this is going to be great!! I love the scent of a shoe when it freshly comes of a nylon covered foot. I stay still as I feel Antinette hold the shoe over my nose and use strips of tape she had already cut to tape it over my nose. “I think you’ll like that, I can tell by the way you are breathing that you just love that smell don’t you?” She says as she walks back in front of me and begins to drag her fingers up and down my chest and sides once in awhile touching my rock hard cock. After about five minutes of teasing she steps back and grabs her camera again to take a few more pictures of me I am helpless to do anything about it. “I want to get a few self portraits of you an I also because I think I am going to want to remember this moment for a long time to come.”

Antinette now with camera in hand sits on my legs and cuddles check to check and starts snapping pictures of the two of us and I can tell this whole thing has really gotten her hot. I don’t know how much longer I can stand it before I blow my load when Antinette tells me that my wait is over and she is going to tickle my feet once and for all. I am trying to think of anything else but what is happening right now because once she touches my feet I am going to shoot my load all over and make a huge mess. I watch as she slowly walks over and sets down the camera then just stares at me for a second but felt like a lifetime. “Your so close to cumming I don’t think I want that to happen so fast” as she turns and walks into the kitchen and open the fridge. I hear the sound of a can being opened and see her come back into the room a Coke in hand and sit down right in between my legs “I think this should slow things down some” as I watch her take a big swig and than moves the can and pushes it right against my cock and balls. AAhhhhhaggghh mmmpphphp was the only sound I could make as my dick was slowly getting a little softer and less likely to explode by accident while I breathed in the scent of Antinettes high heel.

I am now totally spent and starting to get a little soar from being tied up for so long and put through my paces. My mind is still racing and body is more sensitive than ever and that is when Antinette starts playing with my tightly tied legs. “It’s going to be a little sad that after I make you cum I don’t think there will be enough time for you to tie me up today. After I make you cum I am going to untie your legs and re-handcuff you and put the keys back downstairs for you to get but I promise I will let you tie me up in the near future”. I am shocked and stunned about what she is telling me. It is going to take me forever to get loose after being tied for so long and what if I don’t get loose before anyone gets home I can’t believe she is doing this to me!! I soon forget my troubles as she begins to slowly tug at the high heel on my left foot. “Come on let it loose, I know you are waiting for this. I can tell just from watching your videos, you love when your feet are tickled. I bet you never thought you would hear the coming out of my mouth did you? Now lets see how ticklish your feet really are shall we, don’t make me get mean on you” she says with a laugh as my shoe is off and Antinette sets it on the floor next to the chair.

“I know I am going to feel bad a little bit when I see you all laughing and squirming trying to get away from my wiggling fingers” she says as I feel her lightly dragging one finger up and down the soul of my foot. I am doing the best I can trying to stay calm and that’s when she reaches over to my other foot and pulls off my shoe. With both shoes off she is now having a little too much fun with me. I am almost having a hard time breathing with how tight Antinette has taped her shoe to my face but she doesn’t stop from tickling both of my feet at once for what seems like forever.

“I can only think of one way to make this any better” and with saying that Antinette gets up on her knees and and leans in to start sucking on my cock! I know it’s not going to take any time!! My god I am getting a blowjob by Antinette when I almost forgot about all of the pictures still playing on the TV screen. I am starting to shake from every nerve of my body being overwhelmed, I am looking at Antinette going to town on me then back at the TV for fake pictures of her tied up then back at her when she starts to slow down and lick the head of my dick. “I know he’s ready to cum so I am going to take you over the edge” and as she says that she is back at taking me down all of the way while she reaches back and begins to tickle both feet at the same time! I start to moan trying to give her a warning that I am about to cum when she looks at me and says “I hope this is everything you dreamed it would be because I am going to suck you down too every last drop while I keep tickling you nylon covered feet” and that is all it took, I was cumming, and cumming with such intensity that if I wasn’t tied to the chairs I would of falling off of them. I continued to shoot forever then, when I had nothing left Antinette just kept licking me clean and still lightly tickling my feet driving me mad, I was moaning and shaking my head trying to get Antinette to stop but she just kept on tickling and licking and said “I can’t wait until my turn. Just remember how much I tickled you because I want you to tickle my just the same”.

The End
2010 05 23