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Antinette tied and tickled to get extra money for Christmas Part 2, the second position

My head was spinning from everything that’s already went on in the first hour of Antinette’s visit and it was soon to get even better. I  had decided to take Antinette up on her offer and only had a little over a hour left before our first outing was done. I sat back letting Antinette catch her breath as I began to untie her, I started with her legs and worked my way around until she was free. I was almost shaking from everything that took place so far as I watched as she rubbed her wrists working on the rope marks and told me that it wasn’t that bad at all, she had expected it to be even worse, I looked at Antinette and turned my head a little to show my surprise at her answer and she caught herself and said “I mean, I’m glad you’re taking my deal because I think it would of been a lot worse with a lot more tickling then I ended up with, trust me, it was pretty bad” Antinette looked a little warm and disheveled from her first position and I had to keep her on task so I could enjoy the rest of the time we had together today.

 “Before I get you tied up again do you still need the extra money? Do you want to try to find time to do this again? I’m just trying to help you out remember?” I told Antinette as I was looking at what ropes and things I was going to use on her next. She quickly answered that it would be great, she still was short of cash and that she really didn’t think the whole thing of getting tied up, pictures taken and paid for it was really too bad at all. Antinette continued to tell me “Even better yet is that I have Friday off of work, they are closing my floor down and I’m getting paid for the whole day so if you’re free Friday I could be yours from 9 am until about 2 o’clock. I just found out about it on my way over here so nobody else even knows, I’ll just leave my house at the normal time like I’m heading to work. I would love to keep our deal and getting an extra $250 would be awesome” I didn’t even have to look at my calendar I was off all day also and agreed in a second. 

I’m digging through my bag of stuff as I notice in the corner of my eye Antinette is now taking off her black flats from her nylon covered feet and began working on putting the red high heels on that she came with. “I bought them so I figured I should wear them, I just hope you’re going to keep me in this room, I can’t walk in these at all” Antinette said as she modeled the heels for me while she sat waiting for directions on what to do next.  I went into the bedroom and grabbed the comforter off of the bed and spread it out on the center of the living room floor. “I can’t have you being uncomfortable or get dirty” I told Antinette as I made sure everything was lying flat, I stood there and told Antinette that her next spot would be down on the floor. 

“I’m thinking since we don’t have much time left and I know you won’t be able to stayed tied tight for very long I’m going to put you into a hogtie, I had one of you fake pictures with you tied in one, let me find it real fast and show you what I mean” I told Antinette as I looked through my phone for the picture. I soon found it and showed her “Here it is remember? If I remember correctly you said you looked good in this picture right?” I asked her as Antinette looked at the picture and told me yes, I said that and smiled seeming to quite enjoy the faked picture of herself

Antinette 030270

After looking at the picture Antinette just laid down on the blanket on got onto her stomach and said “please don’t to take too much time tying me up because I have to leave when our time is up. You’ll have to have all plans ready for Friday when we have much more time, I know that will be a long but very fun day for both of us.”

I didn’t waste any time and grabbed some ropes and had Antinette sit up so I could start on her arms. She was still wearing the white long sleeve blouse which was good because it gave her arms and hands protections from the ropes. It didn’t take me long to have her arms tied tightly but still comfortable enough that she would be able to last almost an hour tied tight.  “OK now comes the fun part, I guess we’ll how flexible you are. Your arms are more than I expected and hopefully having your hands almost touching your feet won’t bother you for the last bit of our fun today” I told Antinette as I was tying her ankles together, noticing how cute the red heels she just put on were. I was just finishing up when Antinette reminded me about our deal “Don’t forget to blindfold me and get yourself into some nylons and heels also. I know you have some close by mixed in your bag of rope and things. I want to hear your heels clicking, walking on the hardwood floor as you come back to get me. I want to really enjoy yourself” Antinette almost taunted me into dressing up into my play things. I really am surprised that she want’s me to put them on but I’m so into the moment I just can’t wait to do it.

I grabbed a long scarf from the pile of things I brought into the room before and kneel next to Antinette and begin to cover her eyes. I slowly wrap it around her head about 5 times knowing that there will be no way she’ll see anything at all with how thick it is. I wave my hand in front of her face and she doesn’t even flinch. I now have her just about ready so I pulled the hogtie tight, I almost have her hands touching her feet and gave her a few tickles as I get up from the floor and go to get changed. My mind is in overdrive, why would she want me to get dressed up? Why would she want to hear me in heels walking around? I really couldn’t figure it out and didn’t have the time to right now, the clock was ticking and we had less than a hour left to play today and I remind her of that. “So I’m going to change and will be right back. I still can’t believe I’m doing this for you, I hope it’s what you thought it would be. I have a task for you to work on while I’m away so you don’t get bored, I’m think that you’re going to have to turn yourself around 180ยบ. Instead of your head pointed at the TV you’ll need to have your feet pointing that way. You’ll have about 5 minutes as I get ready, if you do it I won’t tickle you any more today but if you can’t, I’m going to tickle both feet at the same time for 2 minutes straight at least 3 times today“ I told her as I watched her struggle with the ropes.  I was so excited at watching her think about what I just told her, she just stopped moving and said “that’s not fair!! I guess I’m a little too trapped to complain but how will I know if I did it?  I’ll take a picture to show you where you started and another as soon as I get back as proof that you did it or failed. Be back soon, good luck as I started the timer on my phone for 7 minutes and left it in the room with her. 

I’m walking back to my bedroom and I hear Antinette struggling hard as she starts to talk to herself, I think she didn’t even realize it at all with her having her mission on her mind and wanting to avoid being tickled anymore today. “Ugh!! He tied me way too tight!! I’ve watched a few videos and it always looks like it’s easy to get loose. Now I’m not even worried about getting loose I just want to make myself turn” I hear Antinette say to herself. I’m rushing into the bedroom and going to change as fast as I can, I want to be in the room as soon as the timer goes off so I can really give Antinette some great foot tickles!!

I get into the bedroom and hurry and take off my clothes, it doesn’t take me long before I’m naked and digging around my bag grabbing a pair of nylons and my red 5 inch heels. I sit on the edge of the bed and begin to put on my nylons, I’m so hard that when I pull them up all of the way I have a hard time putting my dick through the hole I already cut in the crotch. It’s making my hard-on even stronger because it’s a tight fit, I decided to go with my red heels just because it’s the same color heels Antinette is wearing. I just so hard it’s crazy! I think the fact that I have one of my wives bests friends tied up in my living room, me getting to tickle her and her not even really minding has me a little wound up. I look in the mirror and just have to enjoy the look I have going right now, I even take the time to take a quick pic before I leave the room. I look at my phone and notice that there is only a minute and a half left so I yell out to Antinette, “you only have 90 seconds left, I sure hope you’ve been working hard to get turned around, otherwise I feel sorry for the tickling you’re going to get.” I start to walk out of the bedroom and down the hall, listening to my heels click in the hardwood floors I just love that sound so much.

“Wait! What?!? My times up? No!? You have to give me a longer chance, I don’t think I’ve turned far enough” Antinette says as I enter the room, and she’s right, she only made it about half way around so she’s going to be in trouble. I stand next to her as she is still trying to move herself but it’s too late, she's breathing hard from all of the effort she’s put in. I just stand above her and take another photo, she is now just relaxing knowing that she's in for some tickling. Since I'm wearing high heels I start to tap my foot and telling Antinette that it's too bad she didn't get moved all of the way, she now begins to try to work out another deal and starts talking to me using her best sexy voice. “First thing is that I need you to take a selfie of yourself, I want to look at you after I'm unblindfolded and see how far I got, I really want to see you in your nylons and heels. I never did tell you but I think that is very hot, actually I'm a little surprised but being tied up and you wearing your special fun things, is getting me really turned on! Since everything we're doing is our secret I think you should really play with me, I really need to get off! I'll do whatever you ask me to do. The way I'm tied up, if you moved me up and onto the Ottoman I'll be at the perfect height for giving you a blowjob, I know that giving a blowjob always helps me climax, I guess I have some weird quirks also.” 

I’m in shock at how fast everything has changed, it started as a way for me to have some fun tying up and tickling my friend and a way for her to make some extra money. Now it’s turned into me about to get a blowjob from a great friend who is eager to do it! I sit down next to hogtied Antinette and get my phone for the selfie she wanted me to take, I take almost a half dozen, moving the phone into different angles so that every inch of the scene is captured. I have her so close to me that I am holding on to her and pulling her even closer so we are both in every shot. I’m now starting to tickle her again, I keep wiggling my finger into her side as I look back at some of the pictures I just took to make sure they came out well. “I have to take a few more pictures, we’re too close to see the whole look of everything, give me one second I’ll go get the selfie stick so I can get our whole bodies in for sure” I told Antinette as stand up to go into the computer room.I’m so excited about everything happening that I can hardly walk, my legs are shaking and getting weak, what a crazy thing I have going on right now! 

I grab the selfie stick and can’t help but think how I going to really tickle Antinette really bad before I get that blowjob, she didn’t get turned around all of the way and a deal is a deal. I walk back out and see Antinette just resting, almost looking like she is really enjoying the fact that she’s tied up so tight she can’t get loose. I now have to tell her “By the looks of things, you really seem to be enjoying yourself? You have such a peaceful look about you I’m thinking you really like all of this” I told her continuing to walk over to my tightly tied friend. I get right next to her and reach down at tickle both of her sides at once as she tries her best to get away but really can’t move anywhere, I do this for almost 30 seconds before I give her a break and tell her “I just wanted to get a little color in your checks before our next set of pics.”  

“Oh my god, I think you’re trying to kill me!!” Antinette says while she's laughing, catching her breath and playing along knowing all too well she really can’t do anything by herself at this point. I am already hard as a rock and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold off before I need to blow my load. As she’s hopes that the tickling is almost done I reminder that she’s still wearing her heels and that it’s about time for them to come off so I can really tickle her feet, not little tickles like earlier but long, over the top tickles that will almost be mean. 

I load my camera into the selfie stick and begin to take pictures again but this time you can see every inch of us, Antinette tied tight and me in my nylons and heels. I move the camera and myself around to different angles to make sure to capture the whole scene. I start to notice that Antinette isn’t really bothered about the pictures being taken and just seems to be enjoying herself. I take a few more pics before I set down the camera and get ready to really have some more fun.

I move myself around so that I have Antinette’s knees right in between mine so her feet are almost right at my eye level.  I’m so excited to take off those heels of hers and really give her feet the tickling they deserve. I start to wiggle myself in even closer to her, so close to Antinette that my rock hard cock touches her leg and she notices, “wow is that a stick you’re poking my legs with or are you really excited to see me” she says joking knowing all too well that I’m super excited for sure. “You know that I’m so into everything that’s going on right now, I can hardly contain myself” I told her as I start to rub her legs from her thighs all the to the tip of her toes that are still wearing her high heels. “I’ve gotten myself to the point that I think you really don’t mind me being dressed up in heels and nylons at all, and you told me you kind of like it” I continued to tell her as I started to work my fingers all over her feet and into her heels and tickle her feet. In my mind if she was easily offended all of our talks would of never happened, in fact they would of stopped and we definitely would not be in the situation we’re in now. I still haven't taken her heels off yet but I ask her “Do you want the rest of your tickle’s now or after you give me that blowjob you promised?“ not really sure of which way she’d answer but I thought I’d ask and give her the chance to choose.”

I know it was almost an instant response but Antinette said that as long as I gave her less tickles afterwards she’ll love to give me my blowjob first. After that she’d take her tickles without complaining too much. She hopes that maybe after I cum I’ll lose some interest in tickling her, I told her I thought she knew me better than that but I’m sure going to enjoy her choice. I slowly stopped tickling her as I stood up on my high heels and began to walk around to the front of Antinette who’s full pouty lips were right at cock level.  She is looking me up and down while still in a very tight hogtie and tells me that she knows it’s going to sound crazy but she really love the sight of me wearing nylons and high heels. Antinette continues to speak to me “I know this is so out there but seeing you standing there and walking around in your heels just does something to me, I really can’t explain it but it makes me so turned on! I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life!” I just stood there listening to her talk but all I really wanted to do was put my rock hard cock right in her mouth, I’m so turned on that I may cum embarrassedly way too fast. I stand there for a second before I kneel down and give her a huge kiss right on the lips because before long I’ll be cumming in her mouth. I think she’s a little surprised by me kissing her the way I am but she doesn’t seem to mind and kisses me right back, seeming like it’s something she's been waiting to happen for a long time. I pull back and begin to tell her as I hold her face in one hand “I know this seems like a dream but I think we are both having so much fun it’s hard to believe, I so want to do this again with you if you don’t mind, I think this is something we should plan on at least once a month, I hope you feel the same way Antinette?”  

I wasn’t totally sure what her response was going to be but it felt like she was feeling the same way as I was. It didn’t take her all of a second to agree with everything I just told her and she told me to “please stop talking and let me suck your dick!  And yes, we will do this again for sure!” It was something I never would've guessed that Antinette would be saving to me! It didn’t take me long to help her out with her request. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Antinette tied and tickled to make some money for Christmas

Antinette Tied and tickled to make some money for Christmas

A good friend of mine Antinette and I chat on a regular basis and we know more about each other than most friends. It’s something that we’ve been doing for years and over that time I’ve shared a few things with her and some she figured out some stuff by herself. Short version is that she knows most of my kinks, feet, shoes, tickling and bondage.  I’ve showed her some of my fake Photoshop pictures and she didn’t seem to mind, Antinette even said that she looked good in some of the  pictures even though it was fake (I’ll tell how this all came about in another story someday).

Every so often I would randomly share some of my fakes with Antinette and most time she would just make a comment that those pictures are crazy or like just looks like it would be tough to do. It was a Wednesday about month before Christmas and Antinette and I were talking, I was telling her that I was almost done with another job that paid cash and it was nice to have a $2500 lump sum payment right now.  “You are so lucky, I really don’t know how I did it but I ended up spending way too much money on my cats. I went way overboard and spent more than half of the Christmas gift money on just them. I have no idea what I'm going to do, my husband's going to kill me! I was at a craft show and this lady had all these cool things for cats. I know I should know better but I bought way too many, I have no idea how I'm going to come up with an extra couple hundred bucks for Christmas this year I think I'm screwed.

I tried to be supportive but was shocked she spent so much money and cats, not really she was the cat fanatic. I told her that I'm sure there's some ways you can make some extra money she wasn't just thinking hard enough. You need a second hobby like I have. I have a photoshoot later today I’m going to be there for an hour and make a hundred bucks, only if you can put your camera to use. I told her we’d talk some more and told her she would figure it out and that I had to get going for the day and will talk to you again soon.

Friday morning I got a message from Antinette that she want to chat if I wasn't too busy, she told me that she was thinking about a quick way that I might help her out and it’s something I would love at the same time. “You know how you made a hundred bucks an hour to do those pictures the other day?  Would you give me a hundred bucks an hour to take pictures of me? You know the kind of pictures that you faked of me and others? Now if you agree you can do them for real just between us, you could never tell anybody and never show anybody, it would help me out tremendously?” Antinette asked and  I was shocked and excited all the same time. I gathered my thoughts and wrote back and asked her, "so what you're asking me is to take pictures of you while you're tied up and you're not gonna complain or tell anybody else and all I had to do was give you some money? I do think that the price is a little high, I’ll go $50 an hour but it has to be a 2 hour minimum and I get to help you pick out what you need to wear. There might be some tickles in there  for you also, you know how I mentioned that in pictures before, If that works for you we can make a deal? It is a win win for both of us. You’ll get the money you need as long as we can work out our schedules before Christmas gets here” I finished writing and waited for her response, hoping that I didn’t push it too far, Antinette seemed desperate so I figured I should just shoot for the moon and ask for everything all at once.  

It only took a few seconds before Antinette wrote back with another question about her outfits “What kind of outfits are you thinking of?  I really don’t have a ton to choose from so if it’s something that I would never have or wear and show anyone else you would have to buy it if you want to see me in it. I’ll pretty much wear whatever you want just no nudity, that’s just a little too much for me right now, I still want to lose some weight”

I told her nothing too crazy, I think the first time whatever you feel comfortable in but I’m going to want you in some heels and I know your collection is not very good, I know that you don’t really have the kind of shoes that you’ll need for the photo shoot so I’ll make sure to have some here for you. You wear a 7 ½ if I remember correctly right? Another required piece of the outfit will be some nice nylons which I can pay for so just add it to the bill. I’m starting to sweat from the excitement of possibly having my friend tied up and getting tickled by me for a few hours. A few seconds later Antinette wrote back “We’ve got a deal. I can do it Tuesday if that works for you I can be available between 10 - 1.  I’ll wear a pair of black dress pants, white top, those black flats you always want me to wear and I won’t forget the nylons. Do I need to bring anything else with me? I really need too make sure to get the money as soon as we're done, thanks for helping me out and please bring cash Christmas is getting close!”

I’m so excited that my plan is going to work, I couldn’t of had any better luck with the timing because of how desperate Antinette was sounding, she’ll agree to almost anything as long as she can help get the Christmas funds back in order. I wrote back and told her that sounded great and that she was one step closer to getting some stress out of her life and the only thing she needed to bring was a fun attitude.

The rest of Friday and the weekend went so slow waiting for Tuesday to get here. I kept thinking of all sorts of ways to tie up Antinette, I should start with something simple so as not to scare her away from hopefully being able to do it again. It was Monday and I got a message to see if I could chat from Antinette, I was a little nervous thinking that she might want to back out at the last minute but that wasn’t the case at all. She wrote me to tell me she was actually getting a little excited at the thought of making some easy money by just being tied up, it would be so easy because she’d just have to stay positive knowing that I was helping her out and she was safe at the hands of a great friend. I wrote back telling her we’d have a fun morning and that she would have some cash in hand before she even knew what happened. We finished off the chat with some small talk and telling her I can't wait to see her tomorrow.

I wake up Tuesday morning super excited and take a little time to make sure the house looks great. I still have over an hour until Antinette comes over and I use that time to get all of my supplies ready. I turned up the heat to around 76 just to make sure the house would be warm  I want the house and environment to be as comfortable for Antinette as possible.  It's almost 10 o'clock and I hear a car pull into my driveway, Antinette is here, she is always on time, my heart is racing as I go to open the door and I find Antinette walking towards me dressed just like I asked, she is carrying a small bag as she smiles and tells me good morning. I let her into the house and give her a big hug and a kiss on the check like always but it just feels a little different today.  Antinette tells me she’s a little nervous but it wasn’t bad enough to make her change her mind. She continued to tell me that she bought something from the second hand store she knew I would love and opens the bag to show me a pair of bright red heels that must be at least 6 inches high. I’m loving them and she said when she was looking for some stuff the other day after our talk she came across them and knew it was a sign and that our little arrangement was meant to be, they were even her size so she had to get them. “I’m so glad you didn’t change your mind, I was hoping there wasn’t a last minute called that you decided to back out. We’ll have a very fun morning” I told Antinette as I took her coat as she walks towards the dining room.

I put her coat in the other room and return to find Antinette sitting in the chair looking at her phone and then shows me a picture I faked of her before. “This is the first way I want you to tie me up, since this was the first picture you shared it would be a good way to start” Antinette said as she just held her phone and staring at me, watching me get a little nervous because it was really going to happen. “Alright I guess that’s a great way to start, nothing too crazy  

Antinette 030270

“I’m just about wearing the same outfit, I even made sure to wear my black flats like you asked” Antinette said as she gave me a wink and flexed her foot as to model her shoes looking at me waiting for an reaction.  I told her I was so glad that it wasn’t to much for her to do as I went and grabbed my bag of ropes and things.  I came back with bag in hand and told her I think we should move the chair into the front room so we could have a little more space to work.

I moved a wooden chair to the center of the room and asked Antinette to have a seat and get comfortable, she may be sitting in there for a little while. “If the hardest thing I have to do it just sit in a chair to make some extra cash I’m perfect for that job, go ahead and let's see how you work your ropes” Antinette said as I began to uncoil some ropes.  

I decided to start by first tying her arms instead of over the chair just to each side of the back of the chair instead of like the picture. I’m trying to make it easier on her so by having her arms right by her side will be much easier on her. I start with her right wrist and get it tied tight and work the rope up her arm so that her elbows is also tied tightly. “I think you must've done this before? I can’t even move my right arm at all, I knew you could probably tie a good knot but this is even more than I expected” Antinette said as I walked around behind the chair to hide my super hard on as I got to work on her left arm. It didn't take long to have  both arms in place and I thought I’d rope her to the chair also. I took a longer length and wrapped it around her just under her breasts and the back of the chair, pulling it snug so that she was now really sitting up straight.

I stood up behind her admiring my handy work so far. I was touching Antinette’s shoulders asking if she was doing okay, and making sure that nothing hurt and she was as comfortable as she could be. Antinette told me she was fine. I could also tell by her voice the ropes were more restricting than she thought they would be but she seems to be just fine. I had to keep an eye on the clock because she had to be out the door at 1 o’clock on the dot so I had to stay on track.  I'm grabbing another piece of rope as I knee down to begin to tie Antinette’s right leg to the leg of the chair, she looks over and asks if I’m having fun yet as she wiggles her foot as I begin to tighten the rope around her thigh. I tell her that more than she can imagine and thanks for letting me help her out. She laughs and tells me she doesn’t know what she would of done without my generous offer and that it would of been really bad. I listen and gently pull the rope I placed around Antinette’s ankle towards the back of the chair so her foot isn’t even touching the floor now, no way to stop me later. I stand up trying to hide my hard on as I move over to her other leg to repeat my tie job and Antinette notices, giggles and says “I guess you are having fun”.

How could I hide the fact that I was hard as a rock! Here I am tying up one of my wife's best  friends and the best part she agreed to it! I looked at Antinette and told her “You know I’m enjoying myself just from all of the talks and pictures I've showed you with stuff like this. Wait until I finish tying you up, you’ll really be laughing and having almost as much fun as me” as I  tied the last knot. “You know I’m going to have to tickle you some right? At some point both of your feet will be tickled, probably at the same time” I told her as I stood up and just looked at how great she looked tied to the chair, unable to move hardly at all.   

“Wait What?!?! You can’t!!!” Antinette almost yelled “I didn’t even think about getting tickled? I guess you’re right, we just agreed to no nudity and you’ll supply some outfits and shoes, being tickled never even crossed my mind!” Antinette said as she was now trying to think of a way to get out of the tickling that she knew would soon be coming her way or any option to shorten its length of time some. She was working the ropes and realizing that they weren't giving very much at all. I could tell that the tickling was the thing she feared most about our whole adventure. This was the first time that she even seemed a little nervous

I played it cool and just stood there a second before going into the other room to grab the camera. I was just trying to calm my own nerves when Antinette asked if there was any way to shorten the tickling? She was telling me how ticklish she was and wasn’t really sure how well she’d handle being tickled without being able to fight back or get free. I didn’t say anything I just waited until she talked herself into offering me something I couldn’t refuse. “Ok I think I have a deal you might like, come back and talk to me face to face” Antinette asked. I walked back in there and was loving the look of her tied tightly to the chair trying to plead out a deal with me. “I’m thinking that you are having more fun than you thought you would. What if we did this a few more times and I’ll even go with a cheaper rate per hour like 35 an hour but you can only tickle me one out of every 2 hours. Do we have a  deal?”  She asked with her eyes begging me to say yes. I just slowed played it and and told her I’ll think about it for her next visit, I already have plans for her this time as I knelled next to her and started to rub her arm lightly working my way to her helpless side, begin to give her a few little tickles watching her squirm,slowly trying to get away.

I’m kneeling right next to Antinette, starting to play around with her tied up body. It’s all so much to take in and so exciting. I now work my way to Antinette’s sides, I start to poke and squeezing listening to her start to ramble about not tickling her “No! Don’t!  ha ha, I’m sure you don’t need to Ha, Ha, HA tickle me!! Please!!!!  No!!!!” Antinette was saying in her laughing speak that was about all she could manage to get out before I reached with both hands and really worked her ribs. I kept both hands going for almost 20 seconds before I stopped and gave her a chance to catch her breath.

Antinette was breathing very hard but still smiling which meant she wasn’t mad. I stood up and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cold bottle of water, came back and asked if she wanted a drink. I walked up close to her as she looks up at me and then slowly works her way to my crotch and just gives me a big smile “I’m just very surprised that you’re so hard and I haven't even been touched by you yet um I mean you haven't been touched yet” Antinette said in a sly manner leading me to believe that she was willing to do a little more than I expected to refill her Christmas savings account. I raise the bottle to her plump lips and watch as she starts to drink the water. Antinette drank almost a third of the bottle, she told me after I pulled the bottle that she was getting a dry throat from all of the laughing so far. I told her that she may need another full bottle after we’re done because I really didn’t even get started on her yet. “Think about it?” I told her, “I haven't even taken of your shoes yet and if I remember your feet are super ticklish, you can’t stand to have them tickled is what I think you told me in the past, I guess I’ll see for myself real soon. After I think I tickled you feet enough then maybe I’ll put the heels you brought over on you to see how they look”
Antinette 030270

As I’m standing there talking and carrying on I can tell that Antinette is now thinking to herself “What the hell did I get myself into and how bad is it going to be?” I showed the bottle to Antinette as I shook it as to ask her if she wanted another drink and she told me “I guess I should take a drink now because from what it sounds like to me I going to be tickled a lot, and who knows how I’ll handle that, I don’t want to have a sore throat when my time is up.” I just smiled as I tipped the bottle back up to her lips and watched her slowly finish the water.

I can tell Antinette is squirming because she’s not really sure what to expect of me or herself, I start to talk to her again as I walk around the chair, deciding when I should start next. “I have just so many options as far as tickling spots go, you’re so tied up you can’t stop me from tickling whatever or wherever I want” I told her as I started to drag my fingers over her shoulders down towards her sides and just wiggle up and down her helpless ribs “ha ha ha ha you’re right   No!!  ha ha BE NICE!!” Antinette yelled because I was really tickling her good now, no more taking it easy on her, I’m getting down and getting my money's worth. I kneel down behind her as I keep just wiggling and poking and tickling her sides for almost a minute straight and then I gave her a short chance to catch her breath. I start to tell her that her feet are next and I hope she’ll be OK. While I’m telling her this I’m working my hand slowly down her legs, over her calves and I’m now tapping the sides of her cute black flats. “These are the last two things saving your feet and toes, I hope you can keep them on, I’m betting I’m stronger, sorry” I told her as I started to pull on Antinette’s right shoe at the heel, tugging and wiggling it, as she does her best to keep her shoe on, scrunching her toes inside her shoes hoping to keep them on  but I kept working on it  and I slowly take it off of her right foot .

NO!!!!   NO YOU CAN’T!!!!  I’ll do anything forget our deal, you won’t have to pay me, I’ll forget anything happened just please!!!…… You have to leave my feet alone!! I’m not sure I can take it?!?!?! Please!!!  You have to give a me a second to think and come up with something that will work for both of us, please!! Just give me a minute to think without being tickled!  Antinette was really ticklish and was afraid of just how bad it would tickle when I got to her feet. I stood up behind Antinette with her right shoe still in my hand as I told her “OK you have one minute and then you can tell me your plan, If I like it we’ll work out a new deal, if I don’t then I still have over an hour left so I guess it’s a win win for me” I told her as I played with her shoe, bringing it up to my nose to see if it had any sent, it did which made me even harder and more excited to get back to tickling her feet!  

2014 01 31 ScreenShot139.jpg“Thanks for giving me a second to think” Antinette told me, talking out loud and not being able to see me as I still stood behind her “I know I still have more time left and I think you still want me to wear the other heels I bought and probably tie me in a few other positions right?” she asked me waiting for an answer “Yes, that’s right but that doesn’t sound like a new deal I think you were just trying to kill time, I’ll teach you to fool me” I said as I reached down and began to tickle Antinette’s right foot, loving it as she tried to wiggle away and talk at the same time, “Wait ha ha ha I’m not ha ha ha done telling you my idea he he he yet!!  Please let me finish!!” She said in a voice that was pleading to be heard, “Remember how you showed me some pictures of you playing by yourself,  you’re all tied up wearing nylons and high heels. What if after you got me into my next tied up situation you blindfolded and went and put on those things again? I wouldn’t be able to see you and in return you would have to be a little easier on the tickling, do you think it’s a good idea?”  Antinette asked me, I wasn’t really sure what to think, it almost sounded like she liked the idea of me being dressed up that way and it was something she wouldn’t mind seeing. I really didn’t want things to get to carried so fast, but I think I was going to do it but I had to have a little more fun first and I started to tell Antinette what I thought of her idea. “I’m liking your thinking Antinette, I just want to make sure it’s something that you’ll be OK with, I don’t want to scar you for life” I said as I knelled down behind her again and slowly tickled both of her feet at the same time, she was wiggling and laughing trying to figure out why I’m tickling her since I liked her idea, I let her know that I wasn’t going to tickle her feet for much longer because it’s just about time to get her tied into another position and for me to change into some nylons and high heels like she wanted.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tied up for my wife

Tied up for my wife

Here is another story about a great time I had after my wife agreed to let me tie myself up as surprise for her.I asked my wife Kelly if she thought it would be fun to come home and find me tied up for her to play with someday. “I think it might be a lot of fun, I’m sure I would enjoy myself and I bet you would have a good time to” Kelly told me as she finished her dinner. I knew that I had the o.k. to make myself available tied tightly for my wife to find.

I waited a couple of day until I had a great chance to have some time to be ready when Kelly got home. We usually get home within a half hour of each other, today the way my day worked out I got out of work about two hours early. I got home showered and grabbed my bag with all of our toys and fun stuff and went to the family room to get ready. I have a thing for nylons and high heels and my wife is nice enough to let me indulge in them both. I move over to the couch where I decided to tie myself up and took off my clothes to get ready. The first thing I do is to put on a pair of black nylons; I love how they make my legs feel. One thing about the nylons I am wearing is that the crotch is cut out for easy access. Next I put on my black patent five inch high heels; I love the feel of high heels on my feet. I decided to be tied to our couch in the front room, it's a spot that Kelly will see me as soon as she walks in the door. I use nylon cuffs around my ankles and wrists so I do not cut off the circulation if I pull to hard against the ropes. I want to be easy access for anything she wants to do to me.

 I go into the kitchen to bring back our heavy wooden chairs; I set them at the end of the couch. I use a rope to tie the chairs to the couch so they can not be knocked or pushed over. I sit down on the couch and put my right leg on the chair, I sit so that my whole foot is over the chair. I use a rope to loop through the cuff and tie it tightly to the back of the chair; then I grab a second rope to tie the same ankle to the opposite leg of the same chair. With my ankle tied to two different points I can hardly move my foot at all. I repeat the whole process with my other foot. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of my rock hard cock because I am getting excited about all he fun I am going to have later. Before I started to tie myself up I wanted to do a few shots of southern comfort just to start my weekend right. I drink about five good swigs before I set the bottle out of the way and get back to getting ready. 

I look up to notice that I still have about a half an hour before Kelly gets home. I reach over to grab a thin rope to tie up my cock and balls; I am already so hard it doesn’t take me very long. I wrap first around the base to start then I move to tie just my balls, I do one more wrap around the base then the last time around my balls with a nice knot to wrap things up. I love how I feel when I am close to finishing my tie because I know that when I connect my wrists that I will have to wait until Kelly gets home. I reach over to connect the clip from my rope ratchet to my left wrist and then do the same with the right. I have enough slack in the ropes so I can put on my blindfold, I wrap a scarf around my head about three or for times so I can no longer see any light. I am at the point of no return, I use my last seconds of freedom to stroke my dick a few more times to bring me close to Cumming so that the release later will be that much stronger. I start pulling on the rope to make the pulleys taunt and hold my wrists very tight.

I love the feeling of helplessness as I sit and wonder how long until Kelly gets home and receives her big surprise. I wait twisting and pulling, hoping that She won’t be late today. After about forty-five minutes my cock is starting to get a little softer and that is when I hear the answering machine. “Hi honey, I’m going to stop at the bar for a little bit on my way home, one of the girls Sherry is leaving the office so a few of us are going out to have a few drinks at the new bar that just opened not to far from our house. I won’t be out to late, I’ll see you soon, Love you bye.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard I am going to be stuck for who knows how long. Kelly sometimes will get a little carried away when she gets together with friends, I just figured I just had to sit and wait.

I think I must have fallen asleep because I jerked when I heard a loud noise only to remember that I was still tied to the couch. “Hello honey, sorry I am late, you know how it goes, one drink then another before you know it I’ve had about ten, I’m feeling a pretty tipsy right now I’m just glad we live so close to the bar we went” She said out loud before she turned around to see me tied on the couch. “Well, if I knew you were waiting for me I would have been a little quicker,” She told me as I am trying to wake up from my unexpected nap. My cock is also starting to wake up and I feel flush with excitement over my whole body hoping that I am in for a good time.“Well, I think I am going to have a lot of fun, at your expense, I think I know all of your ticklish spots, I think I am going to test them all” Kelly said as I hear her high heels clicking on the hard wood floor as she approach’s me. I am still waking up as she drags her fingernails down each leg forcing me to jump and tug at the ropes holding me tight.

“Gee, you did a really good job tying yourself up, you will have to give me some pointers sometime so I can return the favor” Kelly said to me. I could tell I might be in trouble with how playful and drunk she was sounding. I can’t believe how much her touching my legs made me as hard as a rock, but I wasn’t going to complain, I was ready to cum and I knew she would take as much time as she wanted. I love the feeling of not being in control, knowing that Kelly can do anything she wants to me for as little or long as she wants.“You know that I think it’s time for your payback, or did you think I forgot about the last time you had me tied up.” Kelly tells me as I remembered the time in my head. We were both a little drunk when I tied her in a very tight hogtie with her ankles crossed and her hands just about touching her ankles, She had no way to escape when I told her I read somewhere that a prolong period of tickling could cause some people to have an orgasm.“NO WAY, you better not even try it, you know how ticklish I get when I’ve been drinking. Just untie me and let me goOOOOOOOOO” Kelly yelled as I started to tickle both feet at the same time for about three minutes. I tickled her ribs, belly and back to her feet before I finally stopped. One good side effect from all of my tickling was she was hot as hell and jumped me and screwed my brains out after I untied her.

 I figured it must not have been that bad by the way she reacted after she was loose.“You thought I had forgotten but its payback time” Kelly said as she was pulling up a small stool to sit on at the end of the couch where my feet were. “I think I read somewhere that a prolong period of tickling could cause some people to have an orgasm, what a better time to find out when I have a Volunteer” she told me as she used both hands dragging her fingernails up and down both legs, the amount it tickled was crazy. I’m sure southern was playing a big factor. No matter how hard I tried the ropes didn’t budge, she kept running her nails none stop for at least four minutes. “I think I might have to work at this a little harder than I thought, this just might help speed things along” Kelly said as I felt her fingers playing with the rope that wrapped my cock and balls. She unwound a little of the extra rope and retied it tight and let a piece of it touch the floor. “This should help” she said as she tickled both legs again as she used one of her feet to pull the rope that held my cock and balls. Kelly pulled it tight then released, tight then released, it made me squirm and twist trying to get enough pressure on my dick to make me cum. 

I was getting close when Kelly stopped everything and told me she wanted to go get into something more comfortable and left me tied tight and hard as hell.I kept trying to get myself free but it was no use I had tied myself too tight. My buzz from the southern kept me horny as hell. It didn’t take Kelly very long to get into something more comfortable, she was caring a little bag with her as she came back, “I’m back, I hope I didn’t keep you in to much suspense, but I just know I’m going to love the things I brought back for you” Kelly told me as I heard her sit down in front of me again.“I was thinking about how I can make you cum without touching your cock so I figured I will have to get you as close as possible without going to far. 

Do you remember my face scrubber you use to tickle me with, remember how much I was screaming but you never stopped, I think it is time for some payback”No, no way can you do that to me I’ll go crazy, I’ll make way to much noise. Please I will do what ever you want just don’t do it. “You’re in no position to bargain and I have the perfect thing to keep you quite, do you remember that ballgag you bought for me I’m betting that it also fits you.” Kelly said as she stood up and moved behind me, I kept moving my head side to side and not open my mouth but all Kelly did was reach over and pinch my nose shut. “Come on now, open up, I know you tried this on before. I think you just forgot how much fun it can be not begin able to say things like please and stop” Kelly told me as I opened my mouth to get some air as she shoved the ballgag in my mouth and buckled the strap.I tried to spit it out or loosen it up, it was a large ballgag and it filled up my whole mouth, no matter what I tried it was not coming loose. I was really hard as hell and was hoping Kelly would just let me cum already but she still had another trick up her sleeve. “I have one more thing that I think you forgot when you tied yourself up,” Kelly said “a blindfold, I can’t have you watching everything I’m doing, it won’t tickle as much if you do. I brought this nice scarf to cover your eyes with”I’m now totally at Kelly mercy, I’m a bundle of nerves, and I can feel my whole body on edge. I try to tell Kelly my feelings but all that comes out is muffled grunts. Kelly’s taunts back at me “Is someone having a good time? I sure hope so because I am having a great time. I think it’s time to get back to tickling you, don’t you think?” She is still standing behind me and decides to use her nails up and down my sides and chest. I struggle to get away but it’s no use, I’m tied to tight and to horny to want to really get way. 

Kelly continued on for about four straight minutes, I was having a little trouble breathing with all of that tickling; she finally stopped and gave me a break and a chance to catch my breath.“I think you have almost had enough, but it’s time for my grand finally. The fun thing it’s all up you to control how log it lasts, because once I start tickling you again I am not stopping until you cum, no matter how long I have to tickle you” Kelly told me as I heard her sit on the stool in front of me again.I start to tense up as I hear the vibrator come to life as Kelly turns it on. I’m wore out from everything my body has been through and I feel super sensitive all over my whole body. I waiting for the tickling to begin but instead I feel the vibrator touch the head of my dick. I use all the energy I have left trying to get away but it’s no use, I’m stuck at Kelly’s mercy. 

The sensation is so strong I think I’m just about to cum when Kelly pulls it off of my dick and rubs it up and down my legs. “I think I need to take off your high heels if I’m going to really tickle you into cumming” Kelly said as I felt her fingers working to unbuckle the straps of my high heels, first my left foot, then my right. “I really think the story you told me is true, I’m just glad to be on the giving side of the tale” Kelly was telling me as she dragged her fingers up and down both of my nylon covered feet at the same time. I was almost in convolutions as she tickled me faster and faster, it only took a few minutes of tickling both feet at once until I was shooting a load up in the air and all over Kelly and myself.I was so spent after all of that tickling and touching I just slumped into the couch and waited for Kelly to untie me, “I’ll be back in a minute to untie you but I really have to get myself another drink first, I think you might have to go for two in a row until I untie you, are you up to the task?” Kelly said as I heard her walk towards the kitchen. There was no way I could go on but my rock hard dick is telling another story.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Found out by a friend

 Once a month my wife plays cards. I watch our son and we have a great time. After a long night together, he’s ready for bed. That gives me some time to put on some nylons and then my high heel shoes and play on the computer. My wife will call me when she’s on her way home so that I can be ready for her. That way, I’ll have a warning when to be ready It was already about 10:30 p.m. and I was having fun surfing and making up a new Power Point program. This time it would have pictures because we had bought a digital camera. I had written everything that I wanted her to do to me. Now all I had to do was add the photos. I set up the camera on a tripod for some shots of me in my new 5 inch pumps. I would take a bunch and download them to my computer to see how they came out.

I love to do close-ups of dangling and arches, toes, and tying up my ankles. I was having a blast. I must have had about 150 pictures to go through when our son woke up calling out my name. I didn’t have time to put anything away. I just hurried, took off my shoes and threw them under the desk. I put on some sweat pants and went upstairs to get him back to sleep. I picked him up and went to go watch some TV. That’s when I noticed that I hadn’t put any socks on and you could see that I was wearing nylons!

Luckily my son was too sleepy to care and he never saw them. Soon he was sleeping again, and as I got up, there was a knock on the door.
I was still holding my son, so I went over to the window to peek out through the blinds to see who was there. I saw my wife’s friend, Trisha starring back at me through the window and waving. She yelled at me to let her in, so I unlocked the door and hurried down the hall so that she didn’t see my feet. I came back with some socks on and asked how she was doing. “Not too bad, I guess. I should have called first. Where is Kelly?”
“Playing cards. She won’t be home until late. You’re welcome to stay for a while if you want. Why are you so dressed up?”“I had to come up for a big meeting at the last minute. They gave me about 10 minutes to run into my house and get a couple of things that I had forgotten. I grabbed another pair of shoes while I was in there, so I just kept wearing these until I could go shopping tomorrow.”
“Your feet must be tired from walking in those 4 inch pumps all day.”
“They’re not too bad.” Trisha said. “You get used to it after awhile, but I sure could use a foot rub right now after wearing them for 14 hours.“I couldn’t believe how luckily I was. I have a pretty big foot fetish along with one for nylons, high heels and tickling. How could I say no? So I offered her a massage and she readily accepted. “Do you want anything to drink before I start, because once I start you will hate it when I stop.”Trisha asked for a glass of water so I filled a glass and brought it over to the couch where she was sitting. I sat down next to her and she lifted her legs and set them on my lap. First I slid off her left shoe. I could smell the sweat scent coming off of her foot. It was a little warm and damp. My fingers started to glide over her foot and she moaned with pleasure, telling me how great it felt.I was hoping that Trisha hadn’t noticed that I was starting to get hard. Between the smells and the touching of her foot, I was in heaven. After about five minutes, I figured I would try a little tickling. I asked if everything was okay with her and how she’d been, just trying to make some small talk.“I’m just so busy right now with my new promotion at work, building a house, and getting ready for the holidays, that I don’t even remember the last time that I even had a good laugh.”
I can’t believe that she had just said that. “Did she notice my hardness?” I wondered. “Was she just toying with me?” I didn’t know, but I told her that I could help her with the laughing part and started to tickle her left foot.She tried to pull her foot away, but I had a good grip. I was dragging my fingers up and down the sole of her foot. She was laughing pretty good and was trying to ask me to stop, “Please ha,ha, he,heee, you can’t keep tickling me. I’m so ticklish! I can’t stand it, he, he, he just go ha, ha, back to rubbing my feet.”
“You’re such a wimp. I can’t believe that you can’t take a little tickling on one foot. You’re just lucky that my son is sleeping. Here, let me take off your right shoe and I’ll be nice and massage your foot.”I got back to massaging her feet and watching some more TV when an ad came on for a cop show showing someone being handcuffed. Trisha then asked me out of the blue if I still bought those bondage magazines. I think I must have turned 5 shades of red and asked her what she meant.“I just remember that one of your friends always would bring it up when there were a lot of people around. I always wondered if it was true.” Trisha said.I told her that it was true. I explained that I bought a few, but it wasn’t the S&M kind. It was, “love bondage.”She took a big sip of her water and said, “Okay,” and she told me that she was sorry for embarrassing me.I was thinking that I didn’t know how long I could hold out without tickling both of her feet at once when she suddenly surprised me by saying, “If you want, you can put some handcuffs on me while you’re massaging my feet. That way, if you tickle my feet by accident, I won’t fling my arms around. Do you still have some handcuffs?” Trisha asked.I told her that I bet I could find a pair downstairs and went to go get them. As I got up, my dick was as hard as a rock and I think that she noticed it. As I walked towards the basement stairs, my son woke up again and was calling my name. I whispered to Trisha that I had to get him back to sleep and I would be right back.I was sitting down with my son in his room when I heard Trisha get up and start walking towards the stairs. She must have put her shoes back on because I heard them clicking on the hardwood floor. All of a sudden I thought of what I had opened on the computer and also remembered that my shoes were under the desk. I tried to put my son down, but he wouldn’t do it. I didn’t have a clue about what she would think.About 10 minutes later, my son fell asleep. I laid him down and headed downstairs to meet up with Trisha. As I headed down I said to her, “Trisha, I don’t know what you saw, but I can explain.”There was no answer. Much to my surprise, I saw that my shoes were on the stairs. After I got all the way downstairs, I saw that Trisha had tied herself into a tight hogtie, and gagged and blindfolded herself with two scarves.
I looked at her as she was wiggling and squirming around on the floor. Her ankles were tied with rope, also her knees, handcuffs were on her wrists with a rope from her ankles attached to them and I also noticed that all she had on now were her nylons, shoes and a bra.
I was shocked. I would have never guessed that she liked to be tied up. I walked over to her and noticed that she had typed something on the computer for me to read. It read,
“I hope you didn’t mind that I tied myself up. I figured that would be the only way you could tickle me like I need to be tickled. I love the pictures of your feet with your shoes on. I want you to put them on when you tickle my feet. One of us has to be wearing pumps and I can’t if you are going to tickle me really good. P.S. If I don’t think you’re doing a good job, I’m going to put them on Facebook for everyone you know to see  you in your shoes and the photos you made up in Photoshop, too. You can check your sent e-mail and see that I already sent them to myself. Good luck.”
I was speechless. Here was one of my wife’s friends wanting me to tickle her. I didn’t want all of my friends to see those pictures, so I had to do what she told me to do. First thing I did was to take off my sweats and put my shoes back on. As I slid my feet back into those shoes, I was starting to get hard as a rock. I didn’t want to disappoint Trisha, so I went to work on her ribs first. It was a good thing that she had tied herself up so well, because she was very ticklish and I could tell that she could not get away. She was trying to squirm away, but I moved over and sat and straddled her back, facing her nyloned covered feet.I told her, “Now you’re really in trouble!” Unable to move with her feet right in front of me, I started to tickle her feet with both hands. I could feel her wiggling and squirming and trying to get away. I laughed and told her that I wanted to do a good job. I didn’t want anybody else to find out my secret. That’s when I felt her hands reach up between my legs and grab hold of my dick. I told Trisha, “I’m going to keep tickling you until you make me cum. I don’t care how long that might take. It’s all up to you”Trisha started trying to talk, but I kept tickling. After about fifteen minutes, I thought it would be nice to give her a little break. Trisha was very sweaty and I asked if she was thirsty.She shook her head “yes,” so I ungaged her and gave her a another sip of water. Then she told me how much fun she was having and asked me if I could do her a favor. “I want you to prop a couple of big pillows under my chest so that you can slide yourself right up to my mouth. I want to give you a blowjob while you reach over me and tickle my feet, and please don’t stop tickling until you cum no matter how much I beg.” I couldn’t say no to that, so I slid the pillows under her and moved myself into position. She had enough room for me to slide under her without having to move her head too much. This way, her neck would not get too stiff. I was hard already when she took me all the way down. I could tell it wouldn’t take me long to cum, so I had to get busy tickling Trisha’s feet. I reached over her back and started to tickle her toes. She started to laugh, but it was muffled because her mouth was full!I was getting so close to Cumming when she pulled up her head and pleaded, “Please stop tickling. I can’t take it! Ha, Ha, please just let me finish without you tickling.”
As I kept tickling, I told her that I couldn’t do that. If she wanted the tickling to stop, she had better get busy and get me off. After I told her that, she was going crazy, between being tickled and trying to get me off. I thought that she was going to break her neck. After about 5 more minutes I came and she sucked up every last drop. Then she just rolled over onto her side and asked if I would rub her pussy and clit. After what she had just done for me, how could I say no?After only about a couple of minutes, she came in waves. After she caught her breath, she asked me to untie her. Afterwards, as we were cleaning up, I asked her if I had done a good job of tickling her.Trisha said, “I think you did all right, but if you don’t want anybody to find out, you’ll have to do that to me again next month when I come back, when Kelly has cards.” We went upstairs and watched a little more TV. I gave her a pillow and then I went to bed. About 2 hours later, Kelly came home and told me that it was too bad that Trisha was around because she wanted to play downstairs. I just smiled.

Beth Tied for Pictures & Tickled

Beth Tied for Pictures & Tickled

I have a family I grew up down the street from and have known almost my whole life. Beth is the only girl in the family and always treated like a princess, I say that because being the only girl out of four kids means she got the biggest room, always new clothes no hand me downs and pretty much just about what ever she wanted. I always thought she was cute but mostly thought of her a a sister.
It’s been awhile since I saw her because her husband is in the Navy and she has lived in more then a few towns. She was in town to visit the rest of her family because her husband is out at sea.  There was a group of her friends and family heading up to the bar to catch up. My wife didn’t make it up because she was dropping our son off at my in laws because they were taking him up north for the weekend. Sue had to go into work on Saturday because of a huge event she had coming up Monday.
I ended up going to the bar by myself and had a great time see people I haven’t seen in years. The place started to clear out and just Beth, myself were left.
After more drinks then I care to remember Beth started to tell me how much she missed Dave and that she wanted to do something special for his birthday since he was overseas on a boat. She loved to chat with him and talk on the phone but never got the chance to get too daring with the other sailors always over his shoulder try to see her and her large breasts, “I always wore the tightest of tops when ever we got the chance to use Skype, and I always made sure my nipples were as hard as erasers” Beth told me as I was starting to get a little hard and feeling a little awkward, “He loved me tied up, I didn’t matter if I tied myself for him or he did the job he just loved how I looked. I sure wish I could get him some pictures of me tied up to send to him but I only have one person I can trust to do the job and take some great pictures. Do you want to tie me up and take some pictures to send to Dave?”
I was in shock a little bit at the question and it must of shown on my face when Beth told me “I know you want to do it, I remember when we were younger you carried handcuffs for awhile, and what about the times you would pin me down? I think you will be up to the task” Beth said and I she was right. “I guess I could help you what did you have in mind?” I asked her a little more sure of myself now knowing that Beth had this planed all along. “I hoped that we could shoot at your house that way it would be private. The kinky outfits might make some people uncomfortable I was hoping you would be OK with that are you?” “I guess it sure sounds like you already counted on me doing it for you, how many different outfit do you have planned? Bring some pictures of how you want the pictures to look it will make it easier to poise you than” I told Beth as I felt myself becoming more excited to do the shoot. “I can do you one better I put them on a CD for you already let me get it out of my purse for you” Beth said as I watched her dig it out of her purse and hand it to me.
“OK then I guess you really had this planned out all along what would you have done if i said no” I asked her in a smart ass tone “I guess I would of had to up the anti. You know I couldn’t ask this from almost no one” she said as she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the check to say thank you.

After waking up the next day I called Beth told her that I would be off work Friday and we could take her pictures then. I told her to be no later than 9:30 in the morning  that way we would have time to Photoshop them if needed and be all done by time my wife and son got home. I told Kelly that I might be taking some pictures of Beth and her dogs again Friday and she told me that was fine and she might have to work late anyhow that day and her parents were taking our son up north for the weekend and that they wouldn’t be home until late Sunday.
I got up early Friday to see everyone off and wait for Beth. I was drinking my morning coffee and I still had about an hour before Beth was to arrive and figured I need to take a look at the pictures she gave me. I popped in the CD and started to browse the folder of pictures Beth wanted me to use as a guide to tying her up. One thing I noticed right away is that all of the pictures had woman with very large breasts and most of the time they were ballgag and every one of them had nylons of thigh highs on every picture. As I was looking I had to try to keep myself from getting all worked up, I knew Beth was a friend and that I should not think of her is such a sexy way. I tried to remember that this is just a photo shoot and nothing else but looking at the pictures I started to think about having a little fun with her. I may be able to get the chance to tickle her while she’s tied up. I always love to tickle any woman whenever I get a chance and with Beth tied up I will surely have my chance before the day is through.
It was about 9:45 when I heard a knock on the front door I opened it and I saw Beth standing there with a huge duffel bag in her hand. “I told you I had a few outfit changes planed and a new item to add to my collection just arrived at my door as I was getting ready to come over. It’s something Dave always wanted to get for me so I went ahead and ordered it, he is going to love it on me” Beth said while she set the bag on the couch.
“Do you want a cup of coffee before we begin? We do have all day also because the In-Laws are taking my son and Kelly is working late so I guess we should have plenty of time to do what ever you want” I said as I walk over to the coffee pot. “So what was the last minute package?” I asked her. “I bought an armbinder and man does it feel nice. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be but I opened the box and it is such a soft leather I can’t wait to try it on” she told me and I could tell she was very excited about it. “Sounds great” I told her as I handed her a cup of coffee and we sat down at the kitchen table.
“I can’t tell you enough how much this means to me. I hope it’s not too much work for you is it?” she asked. “You know how much I love to take pictures, and helping you out will make my job that much easier” I told her with a smile. We finished our coffee and I took Beth down to the basement where we have our studio set up. My wife and I take senior pictures and pictures of small groups so we have a nice chunk of the basement set up for that purpose. For convince we even have a small dressing room for customers to do wardrobe changes in between set changes. “Wow you guys really have a nice set up! I feel like I am in my living room” Beth told me as she set her bag of stuff in the changing room.
“I am going to get changed for the first pictures, no laughing OK I’m not sure my ego can handle it” Beth said while closing the door “I think the first set we should do with me just going for the classic pinup look, no rope yet” she said. “I think it would be a great way to start, we can see if we see things the same way and are on the same page” I told her as I turned on the photo lights and moved a chair into the center of the room. I was putting a fully charged battery in the camera when I heard the door open to the dressing room to see Beth walk out wearing a nice short black skirt about 4 inches above her knees, white blouse and classic black high heel pumps about 4 1/2″ high. I could tell she was going for the librarian look because her hair was up in a bun and was wearing glasses even through she doesn’t need them. “Well what do you think? I was going for sexy not slutty, those outfits will come later I thought we would start easy” she said and I couldn’t agree with her more, she was going for sexy and she was making it work. “I think you pulled it off. I am going to start with a few whole body shots to make sure the lighting is looking good” I said as I began snapping some shots giving her a little direction as I moved around her getting the best shots. As I continued to shoot Beth told me “If you don’t mind Dave has a thing for heels so could you please make sure you get a few closeups of my heels”
“Who doesn’t like nylons and high heels” I said then catching myself adding ‘nylon’ to my reply. I also have a thing for woman who dangle their shoes I don’t know why I just do that’s why I noticed Beth doing just that, shoe popping off of her heel with a clear view of the nylon covered arch I was loving my life at that moment. “I know Dave loves when I dangle my heels I think by watching your reaction you might like it just as much” Beth said and I knew I was busted. “I may have a thing for nylons and high heels also, with a splash of tying up ladies to boot” I said, I thought at this point I should just go for it and let her know I have plenty of my own ideas of how she should be tied up.

“I guess this photo shoot is right up your alley than. If you have any special way you think I would look good tied up don’t be afraid to ask” she said “a second set of eyes look at my pictures is always welcome to make sure they look the best” I continued to shoot a bunch of shots and was really enjoying  myself and after having her pose a few more different ways I told her we should take a look at what I shot so we know were looking for the same final pictures. “Let’s take a quick break and look at these shots and then you can put on a new outfit” I told her and walked her back over to the computer to take a peek.
As I emptied the card I was surprised to see that I had shot over one hundred pictures with the subject I had I guess it wasn’t to hard to shoot a lot. “These look great!! What a great job, I will have a hard time deciding witch ones to send him” Beth said with tons of excitement. I was excited also because I could tell for the rest of the day Beth would listen to almost any direction I would give her. The love she had for the photos put her in a very relaxed mood.

“I think these are awesome!! We are both working to achieve the same goal, some great looking pictures. I am going to change into my next outfit if you think we have enough of this outfit” Beth said and I told her we have a great start lets see if we can make it better. It didn’t take Beth long to come out witn a even better set of clothes on. She was wearing a tight push up bra which really made her tits look great, a set of nylons with the seam up the back of the leg, mini skirt and black patten leather boots they come up to the middle of her calf with about a 4″ heel. “What do think about this one? Is it any better then the first? I know it’s kind of early but would you mind pouring us a shot of southern? I see it on the shelf and it might make me a little more at ease” Beth tells me as I stare at her, mouth drooling “Sure what ever helps” I say while I grab us a couple of glasses and pour us two quick ones. “Whoo!  I’m not used to drinking anymore I think I might have a buzz on in no time. Your not going to take advantage of me are you? I guess if I thought you would I wouldn’t have brought the bondage gear with me” Beth says and now I know I will have a chance to have some fun with her later.

I pour us one last shot and tell Beth to stand in the center of the room and put her hands on her hips like shes made at something, I snap a few more pictures before I ask her what she did with all of her toys “Oh there in the changing room I’ll grab them and we can decided what we should use on me first” Beth said with a ton on excitement and she wasn’t the only one excited. It only took Beth a few seconds to come back put with her bag “You can walk really good in such high heels, do you wear them a lot?” I asked always hoping that high heels is every woman’s shoe of choice. “I do find myself picking out heels to wear then flats or tennis shoes more often then not. I think they make my legs look great don’t you agree?” she asked me and I told her she was right.
“I think we should start off with the classic hands above the head. Your hands tied to the floor joists above your head what do you think?” I asked her as I was digging through her bag of toys when she said “grab a ballgag out of there to if you don’t mind. I love ballgags, I love how helpless you feel and how they look on” Beth said and I told her I agreed. “You can never go wrong with a good gag” I told her “It’s nice sometimes to work in peace” I said with a laugh as I walk over to Beth with ropes and gag in hand ready to get started.
I was a little nervous as I asked Beth to please put her hands out in front of her so I could tie them together. “It’s nice to hear how polite you are even when your about to tie me up” Beth told me as she put her hands in front palms together ready for rope. I looped around her hand and cinched it off in between her wrists I had about six feet of rope left that came in handy as I pulled the rope through one hook in the ceiling and tied it off on the next floor joist. I didn’t want to get crazy at first so I only tied the rope so that her hands were only pulled up a little bit. I stood back and raised my camera and took a few shots moved over to the side and took another when Beth said “Do you think I’m going to break? You can pull my hands up all the way so that I might have to stand on my toes to give my wrists a little break. Do you have a thick book I could stand on while you retie my hands? This time make sure I stretched out tight” Beth said in a demanding voice. “I thought you are the queen remember your queen wave, it was classic” I told her as I walked over to the bar and grabbed the Yellow Pages and put it down at Beth’s feet.
I watched Beth as she pushed the phone book right under the hook in the ceiling and stepped on. “That should make it easier on you. I didn’t think I had to give you so much direction on which way to tie me. Maybe you should put that ballgag in so you can work in peace.” she said to me so I finished up pulling the ropes a little tighter than she was ready for as her hands now almost touched the ceiling. “Hows that? Better? I think I’m getting a little more sure of how you want to be tied, tight and inescapable, am I right?” I asked “You hit the nail on the head, it’s nice to see you finally picked that up” said Beth. I walked behind Beth so I could put in her ballgag, with her standing on the book wearing her high heel boots she was almost as tall as I was. I had the gag in my hand as I brought it in front of Beth and told he to open wide, “Are you sure you don’t want any more of my advice” she said with a sarcastic tone and that’s when I knew she was ready. It was a good size gag and I had to wiggle it a little bit to get it in place. After it was in I grabbed the straps and pulled them behind her head. Before I tighten it up I pulled Beth’s hair out of the way and when I did she giggled and wiggle a little bit as a ticklish reaction to my brushing of her neck. “Not ticklish are we?” I asked as I buckled off the gag then poked her in the side and she spun side to side trying to get away from my finger. “You are really ticklish, I will be careful not to tickle you to much” I said while I was taking pictures again. “I bet this with make this a little more fun” I told her as I walked over to the pile of ropes and returned to tied her ankles together.  After I stood up I put my hands on Beth’s ribs and I could tell she thought I was going to tickle her but instead I held her as I kicked out the phone book so the ropes were even tighter then before. “Now your thinking that gag may have been a bad idea but I will be fast so your wrists don’t get sore” I told her and kept on shooting away. With the book no longer under her feet the ropes now pulled very tight, to the point where she couldn’t even bend hers arms at all.

After another 100 shots I knew I had to get Beth more comfortable. Beth stood there even after having her hands down from over her head she did not even try to remove the ballgag she was just waiting for me to give her some more posses and I think she was having as much fun as I was. She was trying to wiggle her feet a little bit her boots might have been too tight so I thought for the next shots I would use a heavy stool I had and let her sit down. I put the stool in the middle of the room and without even asking she instinctively sits down, as she is sitting I begin until her ankles and tie each of her legs to a leg of the stool. I can tell she is starting to get more turned on with how much her nipples are trying to poke through her bra. The drinks are starting to hit me a little bit because I am more excited about tying up Beth.  After I have each ankle tied to the stool I move up and pull the rope that is still tied to her wrists and have her bend her arms so that her hands are raised up and over her head and pulled down towards the middle of her back, with her elbows up next to her head her chest is pushed out making her tits look even larger then they are. “That should do it are you OK like this so I can take a few more pictures?” I asked and was happy when she nodded her head yes.
I knew after these shots I am going to push Beth to try on the armbinder, with her wearing that I can really get some tickles in. I did my work fast and steady and in no time at all I started to untie Beth and I made sure as I was loosening the ropes I got a few pokes and tickles in along the way. Before I untied her hands I stood behind her and unbuckled the ballgag from Beth’s mouth, “I thought it might be time to give your jaw a beak, I don’t want you to get to tired of wearing it I might want to use it on you again later” I told Beth as I watch her wiggle her jaw and open and close her mouth stretching out her mouth once again.
I know how excited you are about the armbinder showing up in the mail today do you think we should try that one next? We can shoot you in whatever you want but I thought that might be fun.” I told Beth with a smile on my face “I think your might be right now would be a good time. I am going to change again and I will be back out in a second, can you get me another drink before I change? I think I might need it because we still have a lot of pictures to take. You told me you were free all day so were good right?” Beth asked me and I told her we can work as long as she wants and reminder that my wife and son were gone for a few days.

I have almost finished another drink by myself waiting for Beth to come out of the dressing room it was taking her a little longer then the last few out fits changers so I expected something really great and I was not disappointed when she came out. Beth was now dressed in skin tight nylon top leaving nothing to the imagination, a micro black latex mini skirt thigh highs and black patent leather 5″ high heels with ankle straps. I was blown away. “How do you like this? I think this is a show stopper? I can’t wait to see how good these pictures are going to look. With the outfit I’m wearing I should look good from any angle” Beth announced as she strutted into view and she was right she did look awesome.
“Wow you look great, are we still going with the arm binder next?” I asked hoping she has not changed her mind. “Oh yes, you didn’t think I was not going to use it did you? I just got it in the mail today and I won’t trust anyone enough to help me try it on until Dave gets back home and I can’t wait another six months” she said and I nodded in agreement. “I guess you should have another drink it might take me awhile to get you into this thing with all of the laces that need to be tightened” I said as I grabbed more shot glasses for us to do one more shot of Southern Comfort.  “I am really having a lot of fun I wish I could pay you for all of your time and work that your putting into this, I’m sure I’ll figure out some way to repay you somehow” Beth told me as she poured us another shot. I bumped glasses with Beth before we downed on shots and over back over to the other room to get Beth tied up.
We walked over to the other room and Beth sat down in the chair as well as she could with such a short skirt and looked at me as she started to stretch out a little more before I started to put the armbinder on her. “I hope your nice and limber because this my be a little tight” I told her as I pick up armbinder off of the chair and moved behind Beth and asked her to put her arms together if she is ready. “Ready and waiting, can you wait to gag me until after I’m in the armbinder because I have never wore one before and I want to make sure it’s fits good before I can’t say anything” Beth said and I agreed. I grabbed the glove and gently slid it over Beth’s hands and up past her elbows and gave it a little tug so that her fingers were all the way at the bottom of the glove with not a lot of room to wiggle. I had it up as far as I could pull it so I looped the straps in front of her chest and then over each shoulder buckling back to the top of the armbinder so that it could not be slid off without unbuckling it first. It was looking great on and it was only going to get better as I laced it up the back to close it up. “Are you ready for the rest” I asked Beth who seamed a little distracted at the second “uh yea, go ahead I am loving it already” Beth says to me in sexy voice and I began to slowly tight the strings. I was hard a rock as I continued to lace the sleeve up and finally tie it off at the last set of holes. I was amazed at how tightly it pulled her arms together yet Beth didn’t seem bothered by it at all. I stepped to look at Beth tied in the armbinder and grabbed the camera to take some pictures Beth smiled and posed like a pro still even being a little to drunk to be taking pictures I could tell they are going to come out great. “I think you better tie up my legs because I could still run away” Beth said to me as she started to stand up and fake run away, “I guess that’s what I’ll have to do” I said as I set the camera down and grabbed some more rope from the corner “Have a quick seat and then lay on your stomach I am going to make sure you don’t run away” I said.

I pulled an over sized ottoman over from the wall and helped Beth get on her stomach in the center of it. I decided that her legs tied with ankles crossed and then tied to the ring on the end of the armbinder would do the best job. I grabbed a length of rope  and began to loop it around and between her ankles keeping her knees spread wide apart by using my knees to stop here from trying to close her legs up. Having her knees spread so far apart she couldn’t even wiggle or move a tall, I stood up to look at my handy work “I hope this is tight enough for you, I don’t think I can get you any tighter” I told Beth reaching for the camera and snapping a few shots. “I think you might of finely done it, there is no way I’m getting out of this. I bet you could do what ever you want to me and I would not be able to stop you at all, just saying I am totally at you mercy” Beth tells me in a playful drunk voice and I think I may have to take her up on her offer. “Now that you mention it I have always wanted to tickle you while your tied up, that might be fun don’t you think?” I asked her and that’s when I saw a side of Beth I have never seen before. “You can’t um um I mean I’m not ticklish at all how about you let me give you a blowjob instead I bet that’s something you always wanted me to do to you don’t you think? I am so horny right now will you please let me suck you off I promise I won’t tell a soul” Beth asked in a very nervous voice. “I think I might take you on your offer, first I going to do another shot, grab another memory card out of my bag in the dressing room and take things one step at a time. I still have to make sure we get plenty of pictures for you before we get done today” I told Beth as I walked on my way.

I got into the bathroom and grabbed a new card from my camera bag and that’s when I noticed something on the counter it looked like an egg except it was fuzzy. I picked it up and gave it a squeeze and her Beth give out a little moan. “Are you OK out there?” I asked and she told me yes and asked me what was taking so long and I told her I would be back soon and decided to give the egg a squeeze again. “Ohhh!! Stop playing with that!! Just put it down and come back out to see me!!” Beth demanded so I walk out to see Beth really squirming on the Ottoman, “You found the remote control for my vibrator. Don’t squeeze it anymore your making it change speeds on me, it just changed for a little tease to a much stronger vibration . It is really doing a job on me now please let me give you a blow job.” So what would happen if I squeezed it a few more times I asked Beth with an evil voice while I once again gave it another squeeze “Uuuuugghhh!!! I’m going to cum any second at OOoooooo this speed!! I wanted to cum while I was giving you a blowjob, I want to so please Uuuuggghhhh just slow it down” Beth asked of me and I readjusted it until the sound was the lowest, “That should make it a little better for you right? Now I need to make it a little better for me” I told Beth as I slowly walked back over to her and used a scarf I grabbed out of her bag and used it to blindfold her.

I stood up as best I could with a huge hard on and started to take off my pants “I think your getting into things a little bit, it sounds like your taking off you pants right now.” Beth told me sounding a little proud of herself and her hearing. Now it’s what I have been waiting for all night. I know that what ever happens tonight will never leave this room so I put all of my cards on the table and knee down at Beths feet and begin to lightly rub my hands up and down her legs and all around her feet. I can’t help myself now and start to tickle Beth up and down her legs and poking her sides. “OOOoooopph no,no,no,no,no you can’t tickle me!!! no way!!!” Beth screamed but I knew I had the upper hand. “OK, I’ll just switch this to high and I will see you in about a hour, that won’t be bad at all will it? Or you can do your best to enjoy the moment at hand what do you think, are you in?” I asked and Beth sighed as she nodded with approval.  

I have always had a thing for nylons, feet, high heels, bondage and tickling and I am going to be able to indulge in all of them at one time, I am in heaven. Beth is still trying not to cum but I think she is not going to have a choice very soon. I am still kneeling and starting to stroke my cock and next I decided its time to remove Beths shoes. My hands were shaking a little as I reached up and began to unbuckle the right shoe, Beth now realizing how much I was enjoying myself became aware of how much I loved tickling and was fighting to keep her shoes on.  After I unbuckled her shoe I slowly began to take it off but it was a little harder to do because Beth was clinching her toes so I wouldn’t take off her shoe. “No,no,no you can’t my feet are way to ticklish!! You can’t I’ll just die” Beth screams but I didn’t stop “I know this is going to tickle but I hope you can just endure it a little just for me, look at all of the work I’ve been doing so you can get some great pictures” I said trying to justify my actions.
I finally got her one shoe off and I started to run my fingers up and down the soul of her foot and all she could do was wiggle her foot and whine to me to let her go. I told her it wouldn’t be long until she was begging me to tickle both of her feet and she just told me I was nuts. I knew I would probably never have this chance with Beth again so I had to take advantage of the situation. Horney as I was tickling and touching was all I could think of at the moment. I next moved on to her other shoe and she went though the prosses of removing her left shoe and then I had at my disposal both of Beth’s very ticklish feet.
“I bet you never knew I had a thing for feet did you?” I asked Beth while I slowly and lightly ran my fingers up and down both feet at the same time. She was having a hard time trying to answer me between the laughing and asking me to stop tickling her. “I ha ha always thought you might  he he he have a thing for Pleeaasseee Stttooppppp aalllreaaddyyyy!!!!!! for feet. I remember one time when I was sleeping in my room when you ended up in my room tying my up loosly and rubbing my feet because I told you they were ha ha ha ha sore for wearing high heels to school ha ha ha..”
I never forgot the day she was talking about. Beth was totally crashed in her room and when I came over to see her brother no one was home but I yelled when I walked in and no one answered. As I walked to the back of the house  Beth’s bedroom door was cracked open and I saw her sleeping. I wandered in and asked Beth were everyone was at and she told me that they all went to the movies and wouldn’t be back for about another two hours because they just left. I asked why she didn’t go and she told me she was to tired and just wanted to sleep. I sat there for a  moment and then I noticed that she was wearing nylons. I remembered that I saw her that day in school and she was in some high heels that looked about 3 1/2 inches high. I was mesmerized by the sight of he feet and I had to touch them.  As I was thinking about how I could touch them I saw her shoes still sitting on the floor right next to her bed. I reached down and the playfuly grabbed her leg and began to put her high heels on her foot. “What are you doing?” she asked and I told her that she should be wear shoes in case she needs to leave the house in a hurry. Beth just sighed and then asked me to please take off her shoe and could I please give her a foot rub.
Beth and I had a lot of adventures together but being sexually engaged with each other was never one of them. I slowly slid off her shoe and started to rub her foot. It was the first time I ever held a girls foot in my hand and I was in heaven! I almost instantly got a woody and was hoping that Beth was to sleepy to noticed. I rubbed one foot then the other but before I was done I took one of her scarfs that was on her bed and tied her ankles together. I was still to nervous to do anything crazy like tickle her so I just enjoyed the sight of her ankles tied togther. The best thing she never said a word. That is one afternoon I will never forget.

I was back at the moment at hand and I was loving it. I knew that I was ready to cum but now I knew that I should try to cum the same time as Beth.
“I’ll tell you what!!” Beth almost yelled “If I give you a blow job will you just let me cum? I am so turned on that I think I’m going to scream” Beth said. “Sure is the speed of your vibrator good enough or should I speed it up or slow it down?” I asked in a very calm voice. “I need it turned up just one more notch. Please do that I please move in front of me so I can suck you off. I give the best blow jobs. you’ll never forget it, I promise.” Beth said as I walked over turned up her vibrator and slowly directed my cock right into her mouth. I shot my load in no time and Beth sucked down every drop. We were both exhausted and I began to untie her and we talked about what a great afternoon we had together and Beth told me to get her the pictures back because she is not sure there is enough good ones and we may have to do another photo shoot.
The end